Fr. Fernando Suarez, was born in the Province of Batangas in the Philppines in 1967. After spending much of his life living and working in the Philippines, with a Chemical Engineering degree, he came to Winnipeg, Canada in 1995. In Canada, he continued to persue his desire to follow the Lord as a Roman Catholic Priest, something he strongly felt God was calling him to become. In 1997 he joined the Companions of the Cross religious community of priests and seminarians, founded by Rev. Robert Bedard in 1985 in Ottawa, Canada, and Fr. Fernando was ordained to the priesthood in 2002.

Early in his life, sometime around the age of 16, God was beginning to use him in a powerful way as he reached out to people who were in need. He found that as he sensed God calling him to pray with people who were sick, these people he ministered to were getting healed. At first he struggled understanding the gift God had given him, but more and more, as the Lord put the people in his path who were in need, the sick were able to find the healing touch of Jesus through the hands of Fr. Fernando Suarez. To date, Fr. Fernando has prayed with literally thousands of people in need of healing, with much success for those with faith.

Since his ordination to the priesthood, Fr. Fernando has found that the gift of healing has become more pronounced in him and that God is using him even more. He spent the first year of his priesthood as the associate pastor of St. Timothy¹s parish in North York, Ontario, however, since July 2003, in order to foster the spiritual gifts God has given him, he was assigned to begin a ministry of healing. He is now regularly conducting Healing Masses, retreats and missions, with large numbers of people now in attendance.

I met Fr. Fernando back in early 1997, before he joined the Companions of the Cross, and I have especially come to know him as a close friend over the last six years. I can truly say, with complete certainty and assurance, that Fr Fernando is a deep man of prayer, and the most balanced and wholesome person I have ever met. He exhibits, on the day to day level, the fruitful lifestyle and way of life that befits a man who has been called by God to minister as a priest with a healing ministry. He rediates the joy of the Lord to everyone he meets, and people flock to him as they sense his genuineness, holiness, and his personal love for them. Fr. Fernando never lets people down who come to him and for those who open up to him, he is able to speak a loving word and personal affirmation from the Lord which they need to hear for the next step in their personal journey. I can personally attest to the authenticity of the many healings which have taken place through Fr. Fernando's ministry, knowing and speaking with many of those who have experienced healing from the Lord through him.

Since July, 2006, I have been working full time together with Fr. Suarez in the healing ministry. As priests of the Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines, we minister under Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation, a foundation he started to assist the poor and disadvantaged in the Philippines and beyond (see webpage link). In 1996, while praying, Fr. Fernando had a vision of thousands of poor children coming to him seeking assistance. MMP began informally at this time as he gave from the small stipends he received while giving talks as a seminarian. Now MMP has become a charitable organization and all the proceeds from his healing ministry are funneled into MMP to support the poor. Currently, MMP is feeding 2000 students daily, sponsoring close to 140 families, 25 seniors, 50 scholars, and 6 seminarians in the poor areas of the Philippines. MMP has also hosted medical missions, built homes for needy families and erected classrooms in a few schools where the children have classes outside. There are many more projects ahead for Mary Mother of the Poor in the future.

The healing ministry, under the umbrella of MMP, has us conducting healing Masses, missions, retreats, and conferences, along with Life in the Spirit seminars and marriage enrichment weekends. This demand has taken Fr. Fernando all throughout Canada, the USA, the Philippines, Central America, Europe, other parts of Asia, and anywhere else God sends him. Fr. Fernando has ministered in many countries and has prayed over close to half a million people in 2006 alone! Thousands upon thousands have been healed and the testimonies continue to roll in about the power of the Lord Jesus healing His people through the hands of Fr. Fernando. (see testimonials on this webpage)

Fr. Fernando only prays with people after the celebration of a healing Mass. It is the REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS IN THE EUCHARIST who heals and He is using Fr. Fernando's hands to heal the sick and the broken hearted. Therefore, he discourages people coming to him seeking healing outside of the context of the Mass. I have witnessed on many occasions the blind able to see, the deaf able to hear, and the lame able to walk, and cancer disappearing. These are the most powerful healings that often take place on the spot. As well, back pains, shoulder pains, coupled with thousands upon thousands of spiritual healings have become a regular occurrence in the ministry I am witnessing in the life of Fr. Fernando.

The healing ministry of Fr. Fernando Suarez is just beginning and he truly does it all for the Lord. He is a humble man with much wisdom from the Holy Spirit and he is working diligently in the vineyard of the Lord. I consider myself quite blessed to have come to know him and share with him my ministry as a brother priest and I know the Lord is going to continue to use him in greater ways to help light a brighter fire in our Church and in a world that is so desperately seeking the love of Jesus in their lives.

Blessings to you all!!
Fr. Jeff Shannon,
Mission team w/ Fr. Fernando
Mary Mother of the Poor
Mary Mother of the Poor, 22, Don Ramon Santos Street, BF Homes, Phase 6-A, Paranaque City, 1700 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 772 2190

P.S. Please keep us in your prayers, especially Fr. Fernando as he has a very demanding ministry and at times it can become overwhelming so your prayer support is much appreciated. Thank you!!