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Fr. Fernando Suarez Healing Mass Schedule for December 2008

Dec.3, - Wed. - Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service @ 6:30 pm
St. Mary's Catholic Church
230 W. Galveston St.
Chandler, Arizona 85225
Pastor: Rev. Daniel Mcbride

Contact Person/s:
Pete & Tess Marino -
602-414-0446 /
602-327-3597 /
Dec. 4, - Thur. - Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service @ 6:30 pm
St Denis Catholic Church
2151 S. Diamond Bar Blvd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Pastor: Rev. Msgr. James Loughnane

Contact Person/s:
Gloria Cabebe - 909-861-5940;;
Carol Evangelista - 909-969-3316
Chit Tarroza - 626-512-9477
Dec. 9, - Tues. - Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service @ 6:30 pm
Good Shepherd Church
9539 Racquet Ct.
Elk grove, CA 95758
Pastor: Rev. Alfred Tamayo

Contact Person/s:
Tess Borromeo - 916-366-6199
Daisy Perez - 916-928-0771
Dulce Paradero - 415-756-7008 :

Fr. Fernando Suarez Healing Mass Schedule for November 2008

Saturday 1 November, 11:00a.m – 5  p.m
Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service
Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
62 Eden Grove, Holloway, London, N7 8EN        
Contact : Millie – 01753 576908

Sunday 2 November, 2pm
Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service
St Thomas Aquinas Church
1 Sycamore Avenue, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 2JE
Contact : Millie – 01753 576908
Monday 3 November, 7pm
Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service

St Cuthbert’s Church
104 Slateford Road,  EDINBURGH, Scotland, EH14 1PT
Contact : Millie – 01753 576908

Tuesday 4 November, 10 am
Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service
St Cuthbert’s Church
104 Slateford Road,  EDINBURGH, Scotland, EH141PT

Contact : Millie – 01753 576908


Tuesday 4 November, 7:30 pmEucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service

Solemn Crowning of Our Lady  & Thanksgiving  &  Get-together with Fr Fernando
Polish Church of Divine Mercy
48 Pitts Road, Slough, Berks, SL13XH

Contact : Millie – 01753 576908       
Nov. 24, 2008 - Mon. - Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service -@ 5:30 pm
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
13541 Stoney Creek Rd.
San Diego, CA 92129
Pastor: Rev. Patrick Murphy
Contact Persons:
Deacon Noel Rivera - 858-538-2579: -
Jon & Espe Samilin - 619-274-0143 -
Nov. 26, - Wed. - Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service - @ 5:30 pm
St. Mary's Catholic Church
426 E 7th St.
National City, CA 91950
Pastor: Rev. Dionisio Macalintal

Contact Persons:
Jon & Espe Samilin - 619-274-0143 -

Nov.28, - Fri. - Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service - @ 5:00pm
St. John Eudes Church
9901 Mason Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Pastor: Rev. Monsignor Peter Nugent

Contact Person/s:
Dr.Hedy Daulo - 818-456-2647
Estela Cabral - 818-882-7408
Dec. 2, Tues. - Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service
St. Anthony Church
710 E Grand Ave.
El Segundo, CA   90245
@10:00 am - for Handicapped - attendance by ticket only 400 tickets will be available- first come, first serve.
@ 6:00 pm - 400 tickets will be available in the church & 400 tickets for the hall. First come, first serve - attendance by ticket only.
Pastor: Rev. Robert Victoria
Parish Office: 310-322-4392
Dec. 6, Sat.- Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service @ 11:30 am
Cardinal Newman High School Gym
50 Ursuline Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA   95403
Pastor: Rev. Alvin Villaruel
Contact: Rev. Alvin

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April-June 2008 Healing Testimonials

One early Saturday morning (6.45-7.15am)around February/March 2008 here in Sydney, Australia - I switched on the TV for the ABS-CBN Philippines News and right on the screen was Fr Fernando officiating the Holy Mass in the Philippines. I was enthralled as this was the first time I ever heard about him. I have goosebumps and I prayed with him even though the 'news clipping' was too short. Then the following Saturday, when I switched on the TV, again it was Fr Fernando on the screen. I kneeled and prayed in front of the TV set in our bedroom. On the following week, at work, I spoke about Fr Fernando with a colleague and then another one approached us saying that she had attended Fr Fernando's mass in Manila last year. From then on - my information re Fr Fernando just came flooding from everywhere (emails, internet, etc). And my husband and I have been listening to his audio tape during his mass in Atlanta. If I could not sleep at night or something is bothering me, I listened to his tape and pray and I must say that whenever I am at church to pray and light candles and during holy masses, my perception and understanding and reverence to the Holy Eucharist has enormously changed and uplifted me- especially spiritually.I have made copies of informations re Fr Fernando that I shared with my families and friends all over. I must say that before I heard of Fr Fernando, I am a type 2 diabetic with high BP, high cholesterol, low immune system and always sick and the results of my 'regular/quarterly' blood tests are not good and the medications I am taking daily are quite enormous. The result of the last blood tests I have are 'very good' - the best so far that even my doctor was surprised. I always pray to God and thankful of His gift to us of Fr Fernando and that He will always keep Fr Fernando well and safe and I am looking forward to the coming of Fr Fernando To Sydney, Australia in August and officiating the Holy Mass and healing right here in our parish. May God bless you always Fr Fernando and your entourage and looking forward to see you soon.

Josephine Maynard
Sydney, NSW, Australia
June 25, 2008

Yesterday (June 5, 2008), I got the confirmation that I indeed received healing from God through Father Suarez.

I had an exploratory lapascopy on March 2, 2008 after waking up on Feb. 29 with excruciating abdominal pain. My surgeon removed a mesenteric mass from my abdomen, a mass that turned out to be a Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, an aggressive type of cancer of the lymph node.

Several oncologist we consulted advice me to immediately undergo a 6 cycle of chemotherapy.against the doctors advice, i delayed the treatment. In less than 2 months after my operation, a new tumor was seen in the same location where the 1st one was surgically removed, an indication that my cancer was very aggressive. My oncologist told me aside from chemo, i need to undergo radiation therapy too because of the recurrence.

I got depressed, i told my husband "why should i go thru chemo and radiotherapy and suffer its side effects e mamamatay din naman ako sa cancer? Hintayin ko na lang ang oras ko. Masyado ng masakit ang maoperahan, ayoko ng dagdagan pa ang pain ko." (...when I am going to die anyway because of cancer. I will just wait for my time. It is so painful to undergo an operation, I do not want to add anymore to my pain.)

On May 14, after praying so fervently and intensely, I experienced something weird. I looked for it in the internet. I found out that the experience is called being slain in spirit or resting in spirit then I discovered Fr. Suarez' website. I found out many people experienced the same weird thing I had when prayed over by Fr. Suarez. I searched for his "healing videos' in youtube. Since then, I prayed with him everyday for 2-3 hours.

By reading the testimonials of people who have been healed through Fr. Suarez, I become optimistic. I started to believe the Lord is only testing my faith.

I had my 1st cycle of chemo on May 17, it was a very traumatic experience. On May 20, I was awaken by another bout of excruciating abdominal pain, an indication that the tumor is still very "active".

On May 31, 2nd week after my chemo, my immune system was at its lowest point. my cough was so terrible, my hair started to fall but despite all these, I still went to Monte Maria.

I fell down immediately after Fr. Suarez had touched my forehead and I rested in spirit for almost 10 minutes. I could not open my eyes, i was so weak. The volunteers carried me near the altar. i rested there for almost 30 minutes. The volunteers told me, I was the 1st one they saw to fall ng patagilid not patihaya (sideways instead of upright) as most of the people do. And one of the volunteers told me "baka yan ang cure mo". (it might be your cure)

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound of my abdomen with the same Sonologist who had scan the new tumor last month and she was surprised that its now gone.

God is good. He give us Fr. Suarez as His instrument of healing.

Thank you so much Fr. Suarez. may you continue to help people like me.
I will always include you in my prayers na sana bigyan ka lagi ng good health para mas marami pang tao ang matulungan mo. (...that hopefully you will always be in good health so that there would be more people that you can help.)

San Pedro, Laguna, Philippine
June 11, 2008

I would like to thank Fr. Suarez for being God's instrument in healing me. Thursday night, May 22, 2008, my husband and I chanced upon a healing prayer on TV by Fr. Suarez and we prayed with him. The following afternoon, I received an email almost at the end of the workday that Fr. Suarez is coming to our office chapel the next day. It was too much of a coincidence that I felt that I was meant to go.

That Saturday, May 24, 2008, Fr. Suarez held a healing mass at MERALCO's St. Joseph the worker chapel here in Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines which I attended with my family to pray for my brother who had just undergone a heart surgery last year, for my sister who is currently battling breast cancer and for the safe delivery and well-being of our first child.

However, the healing I received from the Lord thru Fr. Suarez was not something I asked for. On my 37th week of pregnancy I became afflicted with Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). My belly, legs and arms were covered with thick layers of rashes that covered my stomach and limbs entirely and caused unbearable itch that intensifies in the evening causing me sleepless nights. The cause is unknown and it only happens to about 1% of all pregnanct women and will only disappear upon childbirth. The discomfort and unsightly appearance has caused me undue stress and discomfort for weeks. The frustration and depression only grows each day that new rashes would appear over the old ones making my skin redder, thicker, itchier and more deformed. I have gone to four different doctors but they all said that we could only wait til I give birth and I could only take very limited and low doses of medication for relief since I am pregnant and it does not really do much to provide comfort.

During the mass, I sat at the end of the chapel in the middle aisle in Fr. Suarez' line of sight. At communion, as my turn came up, Fr. Suarez looked into my eyes and smiled at me and gave me the sacred host, while i received it, Fr. Suarez stopped and touched my belly and blessed my unborn child. I could not describe how I felt but it was a different feeling, nothing that I have felt before, a very moving experience. At the end of the mass my family lined up for the healing touch. I prayed for everyone in my family except for the my own rash which I felt was too trivial to ask from the Lord while I thought of my sister's battle with cancer.

When I got home to take a shower, I had the surprise of my life when I saw the rashes on my legs and arms have instantly subsided. The inflammation of my affected skin was reduced. Is howed it to my husband and my mother right away and both could not believe what they saw and claimed it as a miracle like I have! The next day, no new rashes formed, the itch decreased and the old rashes dried up and peeled. It has been four days since Fr. Suarez prayed for me and now, all the rashes are completely gone and all that is left are the discolored areas where the rashes used to be. The weird thing is that I am still pregnant and the rashes are already gone. Some pregnant women who had this, needed to have their labor induced and give birth to premature babies just to relieve them of the PUPPP, but for me , it disappeared even before I gave birth.

This strengthened my mother's words during the times when I would cry out of sadness and frustration over my conditon, that the Lord sends us people, circumstances and opportunities that will touch our lives and help us through challenging times. It also made me realize that the Lord knows exactly what is in our hearts and what we need even if we do not say it or ask for it. The Lord led me to Fr. Suarez and I know that my firstborn has been blessed by the Lord thru him. Again, thank you so much to Fr. Suarez for being the Lord's instrument in touching our hearts and helping us open it wider to accept the Lord. More than physical healing, Fr. Suarez strengthened my faith in the Lord and this is a blessing that I know is more valuable than anything I could ever receive.

Eri Duñgo-Manaois
QC, Metro Manila
May 29, 2008

I just witnessed a miracle. My Father was healed by Father Fernando tonight (05/20/08) at Good Shepherd Church in San Diego. My Father was blind in his right eye due to a stroke 4 years ago. He can now see! Thank you Father Fernando! With God, All things are possible!

Marlon D. Austria
San Diego, CA

May 22, 2008

During the year of 2008, I had big tonsils in my throat. It was very hard to swallow and the doctor said that I need to get surgery. Well in Los Angele, my family and myself went to Receda for one of Father Suarez's mass. When I went up there to get healed, I prayed for my tonsils to get smaller. And it did, and now I don't have to get surgery no more. Thank you God for giving Fr. Fernando this healing gift. He saved many peoples life such as myself. :)

Meghan Capucao
Fresno, CA
May 7, 2008

Dear Father Fernando,
Good day! Sana sa pagkaktaong ito mabasa nyo ang testimonies ko para a aking asawa na madalas nakakaramdam ng sakit sa balikat pati ang kanyang mga daliri sa kanang kamay. Alam nyo Father madalas nanonood kami ng Healling Prayer mo sa Channel ABC at idinadampi nya ang kanyang kamay sa mukha mo habang ikaw ay nagdarasal . Kaya sa aming ginagawa gabi-gabi ay napatunayan namin ngayon na kahit na sa tv ay nakakapagpagaling ka .Sa ngayon ala na siyang nararamdaman kaya alam mo Father kahit kaninong tao sinasabi ko ang iyong galing . Gusto ko sana at hilingin sa inyo na sa kasalukuyan ang anak namin na nasa Canada ay di pa nagkaka-anak at may mayoma siya . Pero siguo dahil di pa binibigay ng Diyos na mag ka anak sila at last Oct.3,2007 ay nagpadala ako ng email a iyo na humihiling ng dasal para sa kanilang mag asaw.Si Elaine at si Celso. Sana po magka baby na sila sa Ontario ,Canada sila naktira kaya nga sabi ko sa kanila puntahan ang lugar kung saan kayo may Healing Mass para makadalo sila. Si Sigmund ang isa kong anak na lagi ko siyang ipinagdadasal dahil nga nahihirapan siya sa job nya dati ok na dahil siguro ang panalangin ko ay makarating s iyo ang aking mga kahilingan pero alam ko na healed din siya noo kasi sabi nya ok na daw siya sa work niya. Pero ngayon parang bumabalik ulit sana po Father bendisyunan nyo sila para kahit sa pamamgitan ng tv ay ang iyong pagpapagaling ay dumampi sa kanila lalo na kina Celso at Elaine,Sigmund. Marami pong salamat! GOD BLESS! Sana po ay makabalik ulit kayo dito sa Pilipinas.

Delia L. Cruz
Muntinlupa City, NCR, Philippines
April 22, 2008

My name is Gail Miller and I live in Overland Park, KS. I was priveleged to attend the mass and healing service in El Segundo, CA on Feb. 26, 2008. The 5 hours I waited flew by and I helped to ease the wait by praying and singing without an instrument to the large group. I have been in the Charismatic Renewal for some 30 years, married with 5 children who are grown. I have been to many healing services in my life but I have never experienced the presence of God so totally as I did at this service! I have had a total spiritual healing and renewal and am contemplating joining the Companions of the Cross Lay Associates. I am studying their cd's right now. I bought a CD of Fr. Suarez praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. I have never experienced the recitation and meditation of the rosary so profoundly as this! The CD however was defective and I not longer have it. I have struggled with the rosary for years and now I am converted to it's recitation and will be soon making the St. Louis De Montfort Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart! Jesus spoke in my heart and said that in order to hear His voice that I was to ask to hear Him with the ears of His Mother! I feel transformed and the good fruits continue! I truly am on fire for Jesus Christ. I am going to begin a contemplative prayer group in my city and parish. Thank you Fr. Suarez! Please make available CD's of your rosary recitation - it is truly healing! People need to have these to help them pray the rosary the way it should be prayed...meditatively! Please post on the website how we can obtain the rosary CD's. Thank you. Blessings in our Lord! Gail Miller

Gail Miller
Overland Park, KS

April 15, 2008

I would like to thank the Lord Almighty for the answered prayer i made thru Fr. Fernando Suarez. I requested a prayer for the healing of our family friend Narsing who went under knife for aneurism. He had an open heart surgery last Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 5:30 am at Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA. The surgery was a success according to the surgeon but he has to be put in ICU for observation. It was unsure if the surgery would have no negative side effects in the brain and in his physical condition. After having made a prayer request, though 2 or three days after the operation, and expected to be confused, he was able to answer by nodding and shaking his head which was a good sign of success. Nine days after, i was so glad to hear from my brother that he could talk and was looking good. He was released from the ICU and sent to a regular recuperating room. I called him today, the 9th of March at 12 noon; he picked up the phone and was so much talkative. And he could actually remember what happened before the operation - and also he makes his usual antics which he is good at. To God be the glory, Jesus is alive. And thanks to Father Fernando Suarez - he is God's chosen one. Thank you ... and i hope and pray for his good healthy and good intentions. I also hope and pray that my personal prayer request be it in mind and or written sooner, be heard and answered. Again, Thanks and God be the Glory.
Thanks a lot Fr. Suarez.

Long Beach, California
April 15, 2008

Emily Carlson (8years old)
Friday, February 22nd 2008
St. Benedict Church
Montebello, Ca USA

Dear Fr. Fernando and believers,
I went to your beautiful mass and we (our entire family) received a miracle! My daughter Emily only 8yrs old suffered from an extreme case of ADD. She had been diagnosed in April 2007. Her pre-k and kinder teacher noticed something was different about Emily. Upon entering the 1st grade her teacher asked me to look into some medical help for her. I first went to see Physiologist, Dr. Robert Thompson who first diagnosed her ADD. The next step was to have her state tested to see if she qualified for special Ed. Mrs. Gallardo and Mrs. Oyes over at Jersey Elementary School spent the next few weeks carefully examining and testing her in all areas, physical, emotional and every other aspect of ADD. The final results were the same as Dr. Thompson's. Jersey School then mandated that teacher, the special Ed teacher and the principal of where Emily attends school (St. Dominic Savio) be present for the final results. To say the least it was very emotional day. I now had confirmation of the diagnoses; however, the illness still sadly existed. The next step was to visit her regular doctor with all the files. He then subscribed her medication. Everything that I am told me not to take this journey. Emily�s words to this medication was "if God made me this way, why are you trying to change me!" In the (2) days that we had administer her medication, her kinder teacher (not her present teacher) sought me out. She kindly told me that Emily was in another world and her spirit was gone! I decided to help Emily with the unconditional and ultimate gift of LOVE. I began searching the internet for all the information I could get. I went to seminars, seek out support groups. I went to the Irlen Institute for special eye glasses, I changed her diet we began a regiment exercise program and there was little change. I did know one thing that love could conquers all!

My dearest friend, Mrs. Annie Rojes who has been with me every step of the way, mentioned to me that Fr. Fernando was going to be a guest at her friend�s home and he was a healer. I went to the web-site and this was the beginning of our new LIFE! We attended the healing mass on Friday, February 22nd at St. Benedict Church in Montebello, California. With everything that I am, I knew I had received a healing for my beautiful little girl. You see Fr. Fernando said it's your faith that heals you and he was right! Believing in Jesus Christ is all you need! My daughter and I were both slained. The feeling I felt was like fire, not hot, but illuminating and it was BEAUTIFUL! It was like waking up on the very best Christmas day and all that goes with it and so much more.

In the weeks to come, I would see more and more of God's miracles. You see Jesus healed not only Emily but her father and I too! I look at pictures taken before the healing and I see a child in so much pain....the pictures of her now show a RADIANT FACE! Her class work, her homework, penmanship is unbelievable. She sleeps peacefully, and loves every moment of her life! She can now enjoy ice cream with no consequences.
Thank you God, Thank you Fr. Fernando and Thank you Annie I will pray for you everyday for the rest of my life!

Together in Christ

Love the Carlson Family
Bellflower, CA
April 15, 2008

I attended the healing mass organized by the Rivers of the Living Waters held at SM Megamall, Ortigas City last 09 January 2008.

Last December 2007 I had liver biopsy and it was diagnosed as hepatocellular carcinoma. A procedure called radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has thus been scheduled to take place on 14 January 2008. (The RFA is a medical procedure which is supposed to just burn the nodule). However, at the last minute, the procedure had to be cancelled as the ultrasound showed that the nodule that is supposed to be 'burned' is very near my diaphragm. Because of this development, it was decided that the best option would be to remove the nodule through an open surgery that was scheduled on 21 January 2008. The open surgery which removed the nodule went well and as standard procedure, a biopsy was done again, but this time the results showed only 'regenerative nodule' or in plain terms, the nodule is not harmful at all anymore. God is really so great!

Beck Salvo
Bayanan, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

April 15, 2008

I had a lot of back pain due to scoliosis. I was about to start a treatment with a chiropractor. A week before i start it Father Fernando visited my town. I went to his healing mass. My back was burning that day. Right after he touched my head the pain was completely gone. And i haven't gone back to see the chiropractor since that.

I'm a much more faithful and hopeful person now.

He is a Supernatural God. He can turn any situation around. Have faith and
Praise the Lord!!!!!!

Atlanta, Georgia
April 15, 2008



, GA
April 15, 2008

Father Do,

How are you doing? I guess you are always physically exhausted, but Spirit filled. it is my great joy to give you the good news how goos GOD is. Remeber Dr.Mita Torralba-Cayco the almost comatous patient that we visited in Makati Medical Center? The wife of Dr. Tony Cayco? The daughter of Drs. Tito and Lina Torralba?
She is now wide awake very conversant. out of coma but not yet ambulatory.

The Spirit of God is in her thru you. She is healed and God made it happened. truly the gift is with you. Praise God indeed.

The family of mita is sending this message to you and still hoping that God will allow you to visit her again. They are expressing their million thanks to you after God.

God Bless you Father.

Romy and Rose
Manila, Philippines
April 6, 2008

I was diagnosed 12 years ago with Benign Familial Tremors in my hands by my family doctor who then sent to see a Neurologist who simply said they were 'normal tremors' and basically sent me home. I accepted the fact that this was how I was going to be but it was difficult for me to do the simplest task such a getting a drink of water without spilling it because of the uncontrolled shaking in my hands.

A year and a half ago I was also diagnosed with 2 herniated disks and a bulged disk in my lower back. After going to my doctor, 2 neurologist and months of physical therapy my pain had not improved much. Lying down was worst as the excruciating pain kept me up at night quite often. Recently, I was starting to get tingling in my left leg.

Feeling desperate one evening I went on line searching for Fr. DiOrio's website but instead I found Fr. Fernando Suarez's website. I had never heard of him before but I thank God for showing me his website. The more I read about him and his healings the more excited I became. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning or in a candy store. I became even more excited when I read he was going to be in Houston the same time my husband, daughter and myself would be passing through Houston on our way to Florida. I started calling family members and they in turn called friends some who had heard of Fr. Fernando. Twelve of us ended up going to see Fr. Fernando at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston on March 13, 2008. And through our group, other people attended the following evening

After the mass was over and they started the healing portion I sat in amazement watching other people being slain in the spirit and hearing the testimonials of other people being healed. It was the most wonderful experience I had ever witnessed. When it was my turn to go up to get Fr. Fernando's blessing my hands were shaking as usual as I was holding family pictures. As soon as Fr. Fernando stood in front of the person next to me he reached over and touched my forehead, and as he did so I gasped and fell backwards slain in the spirit. According to my husband I rested in the spirit for about 3 minutes until he helped me up afterwards. I felt an enormous peace come over me. It was so amazing days later I wished I could stay in that moment forever. Out of 12 of us in the group, 7 of us were slain in the spirit, our daughter included. It was that much more special that we were all together.

After the healing portion was over we all said goodbye, as some of us had traveled over 100 miles to get there. About an hour after leaving we were at a restaurant we were still excited about our experiences at the healing mass. I was drinking a glass of water and about half way through I noticed that my hand was not shaking. I didn't say anything right away. As I took a couple more sips of water, I then said to my husband and daughter, 'am I imagining things or is my hand not shaking?' My husband and daughter watched me in amazement and disbelief and we praised God and raised our glasses in celebration. God is so Awesome!!! I was so thrilled I had trouble sleeping, not only from the excitement but also from my excruciating back pain which had not gone away.

The next day, about 3 hours after resuming our long drive from Austin to Florida, I noticed I didn't feel back pain. Normally, after 2 or 3 hours in the car I would be in a lot of pain, but I wasn't getting any pain on this trip. Later that night in our hotel room, as we were watching TV, I had fallen asleep, but I startled myself awake because I had turned from one side to the other and didn't feel any pain. I sat up in bed and told my husband and daughter that I had no back pain. Not only has God healed my hands but he has also healed my back pain, and most amazing thing of all was that I was slain in the spirit, which was what I wanted most. THANK YOU GOD for all that you have done for me, my family and friends for bringing not only healings but also joy into our lives. God Is So Amazing!!!! I managed to survive the 12 hour drive to Florida and two days later another 12 hours back to Texas with no back pain and only minor discomfort towards the end of the drive. Two weeks later, I occasionally feel discomfort but no pain!

As if that wasn't enough, I used to have pain in both knees along with the back pain every time I climbed the stairs in our house, and I was always short of breath once I got to the top. Now I have no pain whatsoever, and am breathing fine once I get to the top. If I could climb the tallest mountain and praise God with a loud voice and tell all the people of the world that God Is Real I would. God has been so good to me, I am still in awe, bewilderment and very humbled by this wonderful experience.

I have read about other people who are slain in the spirit and who are healed, but I never in a million years thought it would happen to me, but it has'. Thank You God for all of your loving and amazing grace and wondrous blessings you have bestowed on me!!!!

Otilia Martin
April 1, 2008

My friend Cynthia Asuncion had been suffering from foot pain & had been scheduled for surgery I told her to pray with Fr. Suarez thru cyber healing prayer about 2 weeks ago & she called me that she does not need surgery she has no more pain. Praise GOD...for giving Fr. Suarez the gift of healing.

Carrollton, TX
April 1, 2008

My daughter, Lou Antonnette LLaneras, was diagnosed to have Myopathy.A very rare disease wherein muscle cells die or degenerate. Her left leg is slowly shrinking as the muscle depletes. We have been touching the screen of our tv as we watch Fr. Suarez make her healing prayer via ABC channel. Various tests like EMG, CPK total and other blood test were performed. To the amazement of the doctor who performed the EMG because the strenngth of her left leg is not affected though muscle cells degenerated.The recent test was the CPK-total which to our amazement showed that my daughter's case is not a worst case scenario which means not life threatening and might be over per doctor's analysis. Further tests is required to determine the cause so as to be guided what to do next. Deep inside me I know that the Lord had healed my daughter thru Fr. Suarez healing power plus my prayers and that of prayers of our family and close friends. Thank you God! This is an answered prayer.

Ma. Lourdes E. Llaneras
Daraga, Albay
April 1, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prayer for Healing

Lord, look upon me with eyes of mercy. May Your healing Spirit rest upon me, It is through Your power that I was created. Since You created me from nothing, you can certainly recreate me.

Fill me with the healing power of Your spirit.

May Your lifegiving powers flow into every cell of my body and into the depths of my soul. Mend what is broken. Cast out anything that should not be within me.

Rebuild my brokenness. Restore my strength for service in your Kingdom.

Touch my soul with Your compassion for others. Touch my heart with Your courage and infinite love for all. Touch my mind with Your wisdom, that my mouth may always proclaim Your praise.

Teach me to reach out to You in my need, and help me to lead others to You by my example. Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring me health in body and spirit that I may serve You with all my strength.

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Jan-March 2008 Healing Testimonials

My name is Sue Escolin. I have heard of Father Fernando a few times from my mom,a friend from Canada and my aunt. I did not pay any attention to it. Last tuesday (03/25/08) as I was listening to Father Fernando's healing mass I put my right hand towards the monitor. I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis. As soon as the healing mass was over I felt my thumb moving without any pain. I was so excited I told my sister and my aunt what just happened. I hope I will be able to see Father Fernando when he comes here in NJ on April '08.

Thank You Lord I know this is your will.

Also I called my sons classmate's mom so she can go to Father Fernando's healing Mass this April. One of her son has undergone surgery and I think it would be good if she brings him for healing.

Sue Escolin
Rutherford,New Jersey
March 28, 2008

It was February 24, 2008 when i went with my parents to St. Anthony Catholic Church at El Segundo, CA with my parents. It was my parents' second time to go there. My mom told me that when she and my dad went to one of Father Fernando's healing mass; My dad collapsed when Fr. Fernando touched him for the first time with his healing touch. I was amazed on how he did that. Was it a miracle created by God using Father Fernando as one of his instrument to help us? is it true,? there's a lot of question that is bothering on my mind. The fact that i am a religious Roman Catholic that every Sunday me and my family always go to church. I am still young and have less encounter on miracles. So, i believe in the saying that "to see is to believe." So, when my parents are going to Father Fernando's next healing mass they asked me to come and i agreed and its Sunday so i can go and see for myself about the miracles that is happening on Father Fernando's healing mass. Well i did not go there to just see miracles for I too have something that I want to be healed.

I have a congenital anamoly, an eye infection that looks like a big zit or pimple inside my left eye for one year and it never go away. I had my eye checked with our family doctor. He referred me to an eye doctor. He even told me that i might get a surgery to remove it. I was so afraid because i don't want surgery because it might affect my eyesight. So, when Fr. Fernando has touch me for the very first time i did not collapse like what my mom told me about my dad, but i felt a tingling feeling as is my spirit has been lifted it's hard to describe but it felt good. then after that i felt that my left eye is twitching. i thought i was just sleepy because i haven't had enough sleep the day before his mass

Then after a week i noticed that the big pimple bump like inside my eye is getting smaller. Week after week its getting smaller and smaller that after i think 4 weeks when i look in the mirror it I can't hardly see it. Miracles really do happen we just need to have faith

Thanks to Fr. Fernando's healing touch that i do no longer need to do an eye surgery. Words are not enough on how to thank God and Fr. Fernando. I think the only way to thank them is for me to pray, pray for God and Fr. Fernando to be able to help those people out there who need their help. That they to might be healed like i am now.

Well i can say that miracles really do happen we just need to have faith in God. Believe and praise God like I do and surely miracle will come your way at the right time and place.

Bakersfield, CA
March 25, 2008

My name is Reynald Reyes Tapia I lived here in sugarland Texas.I have heard about Fr Fernando from a flier that was fax to our office last year 2006,my mother Marina Reyes is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage IV with mets to the bone.We were planing to go to his healing mass in LA lst yr but my mother was adm to the hospital.Since then I have been praying that Fr Fernando will come this way in Texas.Three weeks ago this yr I got a call from my friend that Fr is coming here in Texas,I asked my husband to make all the arrangement on how to bring my mother since I know the place will be packed,but unfortunately one week before Fr arrival my mother was adm to the hospital this time its serious her blood count is low that she has to received blood transfusions,she could not move her left leg due to fracture in her back,she became incontinent of bowel and bladder,she is always in terrible pain due to bone cancer,I was getting so desperate that I migth loss my mother.But I did not loss hope I attended the first mass of Fr Fernando in Queen of Peace church,the place was packed but I was able to talk to Fr and He is very kind He bless and prayed over my mother,from that day forward I have seen miracles everyday,my mother is getting better she is able to get out of bed by herself,she is able to move her left leg,she is no longer incontinent that i got a call fr her neurosurgeon telling me that he does not understand how come they consulted them my mother is fine there is no nerve involvement from the fracture she just need to be observed,amen.Then today first time in 10 months she is able to eat solid food before she could not swallow even the smell of the food is enough to make her nauseous and vomit but now all her blood works are normal and she is going home,Amen Amen Amen God works in a mysterious way thanks the Lord for sending Fr Fernando our way.Thank you Fr Fernando and Fr Jeff,God Bless both of you.

Reynald Reyes Tapia
March 20, 2008

Healing Testimony of Mrs. Evelyn B. Aviles of Bayambang Pangasinan:
I'm 64 yrs. old. widow (Born 12/1/44). Ako ay may sakit sa puso madalas palpitattion. Highblood at lately na diagnose ng doktor na ako ay diabetic. Marami akong medicine sa mga karamdaman kong ito pagmataas na ang blood pressure ko, sasabay na rin ang palpitation ko at masakit ang dibdib ko. 190/100, 200/110, 180/90 ito ang mga resulta pagtumataas ang blood pressure ko. Ang Libangan ko kung nasa bahay ako ay panonood ng T.V. sa ABS-CBN at GMA. Especially sa gabi, News watch. At dito ko napanood at nabasa na may isang pari sa batangas na nagpapagaling ng mga may karamdaman. Agad-agad kung isinulat ang address na sinabi sa T.V.. Sinabi ko sa aking anak na gusto kung puntahan si Fr. Suarez sa address na yon. At God's will sa aking panonood sa news watch, ipinakita ang picture ni Fr. suarez na naggagamot sa maynila. Laking tuwa ko at agad agad ako ay tumango at lumapit sa T.V. at hinipo ko ang mga kamay ni Fr. Suarez sabay dasal na sana isa ako sa mapagaling nya kahit nasa bahay lang ako at sa T.V. ko lang siya nakikita sabay dalangin ko na kung ito isa siyang instrumento ng Diyos para makatulong at makapagpagaling sa mga may sakit na nangangailangan at mahihirap, sanay isa ako sa mapagaling ni Fr. Suarez dahil sa faith ko ako ay gumaling sa aking highblood at palpitation at diabetic. Ito ay isang miracle sa aking buhay pati nga mga apo at mga anak ko ay labis ang pasasalamat sa nangyari sa akin at tuwing nasa T.V. si Fr. Suarez at nakikita ng aking apo, sila ay maligayang maligaya at masaya at ako naman ay dali daling lumalapit sa T.V. screen at hinihipo ang mga kamay ni Fr. Suarez. Ngayon, may record ako halos one month na 110/70, 120/70, 130/70 at 110/80 na ang bloodpressure ko araw-araw ako ay nagpapakuha ng bloodpressure ko sa health center at kung minsan sa pamangkin kong doctor. Noong binalita na si Fr. Suarez ay pupunta na ng canada, ako ay nalungkot, sabi ko hindi ko na makikita si Fr. Suarez pero God's will uli sa aking panonood ng T.V. nailipat ko sa ABC 5, 2:30 pm at soon ko nabasa ang healing prayer ni Fr. Suarez at naroon ang picture nya at nagdadasal. Tuwing nasa bahay ako sa mga oras na yon ako ay nagbubukas ng T.V. sa channel 5 (ABC) at sumasabay sa panalangin kay Fr. Suarez at doon ko nabasa at nalaman na kayo ay naghahanap ng mga napagaling ni Fr. Suarez. Kaya ito ang aking testimony sa Miracle na nangyari sa akin. At ito ay sinasabi ko sa mga kaibigan, kakilala at mga kamag-anak kung paano ako napagaling ni Fr. Suarez especially those who are also sick.

Talagang walang imposible kung taos ang faith mo sa ating panginoong Diyos.

Lubos na gumagalang

Evelyn A.
Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines
March 20, 2008

I attended Mass at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston,Texas last week and was healed. I had suffered from pain in both shoulders and arms for about one year. The pain was not immobilizing but it was constant. During the service I was so uncomfotable that I could not find a position in which to place my arms. When I awoke the following morning I had no pain or even discomfort. Today marks on week where I am free from pain. I thank God for healing me.

Houston, TX
March 20, 2008

I was prayed over by Fr. Suarez on Thursday, March 13 at the Charismatic Center in Houston, TX. Since then I have been very calm and my heart, which flutters and skips beats frequently, has been beating normally. Praise God.

Mary Anne Jurica
Houston, TX
March 16, 2008

praise the Lord....i thank thee so much.My husband and I are consulting fertility doctors for almost 2 years.We have been longing to have a child because we are not getting any younger..My husband is working as a seaman.thats why time spent together is so precious.We have atteneded the helaing mass in paranaque last january 24,2008 in Our Lady Of mIraculous Medal and we have been touched by FR. Suarez...My husband will be on board this first week of April.,and I am quite sad because i have missed my period this february and march, for me its usual because i really do have an irregular menstruation.I am about to take the medcine to stimulate my menstruation..but before that I bought a pregnancy kit so the next morning i took a urine sample and put it into the kit.....and ALLELUIA!!!!! for the first time i had two lines in the kit and it means positive. I bought another pregnancy kit and it was positive. I went to a laboratory and asked fot pregnancy test blood...and still the same it was positive but i still have to come back after 3 weeks...I had the ultrasound and the sonologist confirmed that it was ababy but i still have to come back after 2 to 3 weeks too...I thank so much for this very important event in my life..I hope and pray that I will be able to bring my child the next time I will see Fr. Suarez..

Norlyn S. Crespo
Manila, Philippines
March 13, 2008

Praise the Lord! Brothers and Sisters. My name is Bonifacio "Bonnie" Andres of Atlanta, Georgia. I attended the Mass and Healing of Father Fernando Suarez held in Cathedral of Christ the King here in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday of March 4, 2008, 7:00 pm. After a couple of days, I noticed that my long time severe aching of my foot, my stomach problems were gone and so with my other sickness, Praise the Lord for the healing, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for all the miracles and blessings to me and to my family, and secondly to Father Fernando, and to Father Jeff. Will miss you. I wish they would be back here in Atlanta someday sometimes soon. Thank you so much. And, God bless us all. All my prayers will always be with you. Amen. Bonnie Andres 3.12.08

Bon Andres "Bonnie"
Atlanta, Georgia
March 13, 2008

The healing hand of Our Lord Jesus Christ through Father Fernando has helped me heal within exactly one (1) month from the time I was touched by the Holy Spirit on February 8, 2008 @ 7:00 pm at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish on 315 Walker Street in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

I had just missed Father Fernando's visit last year 2007 when I was struck down by an unknown infliction of pain in my upper arm and leg muscles. I spent last 2007 Lent asking for a cure then on Good Friday, I asked to be shown a sign or direction at the 3 pm service. I was in extreme pain, so much so that I could barely stand up during the service. I cried so many tears and prayed with all my heart. On Easter Monday, I ended up in Surrey Memorial Hospital emergency care where I fainted with unbearable pain.
Numerous tests were done to diagnose but none were forthcoming.

Specialists after specialists -still no answer. I sent an email to the Father Fernando webmail, asking for a healing prayer until Father was to return to British Columbia and within a week I received a prayer that is at my desk at work and on the fridge door in the kitchen. I used this to give me strength to bear this ongoing pain. Everytime, I felt I was getting better, something happened to cause more unhappiness in my life.
Last October 19th, my nephew Christopher Mohan was on his way to play basketball and this very innocent, GOD-loving child was killed by gangs. He was helping out his mom and was at the 'wrong place at that point of time'. We lost someone very, very precious to our family. My mother who works at a Mission in Namata, Fiji Islands came for the services. All my pain and my belief in the Lord Jesus was challenged ever so much.

My health deteriorated. I could barely move through the harrowing weeks until the body was released and then finally laid to rest. The turmoil was so very profound that our families felt there was no life left. But our daily prayers and tears continued and after the 100th day celebration, my mother left for the mission.

Father Fernando's schedule was released and I started telling people all around me that they should visit him. My husband promised to take me. I wanted everyone to know that Father was here. He was here to heal me fully with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

February 8, 2008 after work, my husband drove me to Coquitlam early eveing but people were already in Church. I was very fortunate to find a seat. The Station of the Cross commenced and all through I cried numerous tears. The healing Mass started and Father Fernando officiated the Mass, then started to pass out the Holy Communion onto his right side not the centre. I was sitting at the centre. I watched from the back very discouraged that I could not be in his particular line.

Something very strange happened, I felt a push on my shoulder. I got up and walked very slowly and carefully down the centre line, crossed the pews and stood into the line going forward. Somehow, the line emptied and I was pushed forward to him. I was shaking very badly by this time and tears were just pouring down my face. When it came to my turn to receive the host I could just look at Father and feel a glow radiating from him. I knew within my heart that if I receive the host from Him and just touched his sleeves, I will be cured because He is working for Our Lord Jesus Christ. I RECEIVED the HOST and TOUCHED his sleeve - a moment that stood very, very still for me. I saw a very puzzled look on his face but I know he KNEW something was happening. I walked back in a daze to my seat - how I got there I just don't know! because the line was still there and somehow I was 'touched'.
My husband thought it was over but I asked him to stay just a little longer, maybe he could touch my head. This is the very first healing Mass I have ever attended. Once the healing started Father asked for volunteers, my husband was one of the first helpers to hold people. I heard Father say 'you will be blessed a million times for your help'. By the time I got up for the blessing, I was in awe watching the miracles that were happening around me.

My husband held me and told Father that I was his wife in a lot of pain. He asked where and I just pointed my arms, legs, hips and could not take my eyes off his face. I was dazed and could not speak at all. He touched my arms and my throat - a touch I cannot recall even today! How I got home that night I have no idea. I walked around in a daze for a week. The heaviness in my spirit and body was totally gone. I was starting to smile again. My workmates started making comments like 'we have our Margie slowly back again! which was music to my ears - with my health and Chris's death, I was wounded to the very core of my heart and lost all my spirit.

Father Fernando, with the Lord's healing hand gave me back my spirit - I was touched by the Holy Spirit. EXACTLY 30 days later 95% of pain has left my body. My spirit is up again and I know I will soon be dancing and singing Our Lord's praises again. Seeing my cure, people around me are astounded in this Miracle! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I am waiting for my mother to see me when she comes for the 6th month prayers for Chris Mohan. I hope I can send more people to Father Fernando when he visits us again in 2009!

Easter will be upon us very soon, I will thankfully pass my Lent with a greater conviction and belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you dear Father in Heaven for Father Fernando!

Margie J Nand
Surrey, British Columbia
March 12, 2008

Praised be Jesus, Joseph, Mary and the Holy Spirit
I would like to thank God for you have sent this humble Man Fr. Fernando Suarez here on earth. Your prayers really set into my soul. You help me get well. Thank you. May the Good Lord Give you more Life so that you can reach out to other sick soul and spirit like me.

My name is Ms. Josephine L. Caagoy a simple young lady here in Cotabato City. I have seen you on the television through Fr. Mario on Channel 24. The healing took place at home.

You prayers was indeed came from God himself.Please continue your healing masses on TV...

Josephine L. Caagoy
Cotabato, Central Mindanao
March 10, 2008

Last Dec.3,I just had my surgery for tumor in the pancreas.I was diagnosed last Oct.noted in CT/SCAN and MRI tumor in the pancreas and also in liver.My wife emailed to Fr.Fernando last Dec. 6 to pray over for me,for this deadly disease.He emailed back and said that the petition requests will be lifted up in a eucharistic celebration that he will officiate.Three weeks after the surgery they took MRI test and noted no more cancer.Then after one month they repeated again and there was no cancer found,said his doctor.My wife was telling to everyone,thsnk you mama Mary,I was healed by Fr.Fernando.


March 10, 2008

I want to testify that on Mach 4th at "Christ the King Church" in Atlanta, I had a healing w/Father Suarez. I have suffered from mental illness for 17 years. Last year Father Suarez touched my head and my health improved about 50%. I said "I am going in for my second doze, and let God's will be done. So this time, Father Suarez blew on my forehead and firmly, but gently pushed my right shoulder. I went down so fast the catcher just barely got me. I received it and I could feel it. My head felt hot on the forehead. The back of my head felt like it was wrapped up or like someone was holding it. The funny part is my doctor was standing next to me. So I got up of the floor and left the church "High in the love of God." The feeling continued for 2 or 3 days. It was like I could feel the healing taking place.I am so happy and ready for God's direction in my life. Father Suarez, thank you for letting me realize the power of the Eucharist and Holy Spirit. Jesus really was walking among us that night. What a miracle. Thank you Jesus for using Father Suarez as your vessel. God bless the entire ministry. Also I asked God to take away my malice. I feel not as angry, hateful, and ready to forgive, forget and get on with it.

Gracia Alcobas
Atlanta, Georgia

March 9, 2008

I was healed of a shoulder and knee injury on March 5, 2008. I also received spiritual healing. I waited for hours to receive my blessing through Father Suarez but the time flew by like a second. The healing was not noticeable at first and I left satisfied that all is well with God that my being there was such a great experience. Two days later my shoulder was like new. My knees had no pain. These are injuries that had plagued me for months. Praise God!!

Mike Puglise
March 9, 2008

On March 04, 2007 while reading the testimonials online, I kept going to the prayer request section and submitting several healing petitions for myself and my family most especially my brother who has high blood pressure. His readings have been way over like 140/102-105. He has been so worried because he is applying for a medical job(has been unemployed for the last 8 months) where he needs to pass a rigid physical examination. He started to eat garlic only a day after March 04 (which they say can cure HBP but I doubt will give positive results in just eating this for 1 day).
He called me about it and that he was surprised that after eating the garlic twice that one day -- brought his BP down to a good reading of 120/83.
I immediately realized that it could be the result of my submission of healing requests for my brother to Fr. Suarez I firmly believe that my brother's HBP has been healed by God our Merciful Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Fr. Suarez, please tell the Good Lord that I love Him with all my heart and would not like to be separated from Him. I also thank Mama Mary for her most powerful intercession. I thank you Dear Lord for your wonderful healing. I also ask you to please give my brother RJBB immediate employment (with more than 40 workhours a week) with good pay. I also beg the Lord to give RJBB the best resolution to his mortgage issues.
Thank you in advance Dear Lord for your wonderful blessings and favors upon RJBB. Healing was on March 05 (PM), Castaic, CA, USA.
I will keep you updated.

Dear Heavenly Merciful Father, please continue to bless Fr. Fernando Saurez.

Manassas, Virginia
Mar 8, 2008

Thank you for your prayers. I had sent a prayer request before my exams. I have achieved distinction grade. It is a miracle because I have a blood clot in my head and have lost part memory and do not have the capacity to concentrate. Inspite of this ailment I have sat for my exams and with your prayers and divine intervention - I have achieved 'distinction' grade. Praise the Lord and the Holy Spirit,and Mother Mary. Please continue to pray for me so that I can gain the concentration I need for the rest of my exams and studies.

Dxb, United Arab Emirates

Mar 8, 2008

Hello Everyone!

I've had the 'blessing' of attending two of the sessions at Christ The King's (CTK) Lenten Mission. Last night – Power of the Eucharist followed by a healing mass was AWESOME! I witnessed sick people giving live testimonials immediately following their 'healing' from Fr. Fernando. The first person who received the healing was an elderly blind man who came in with a white stick came up to the altar and witnessed he can now see, a woman confined to a wheelchair stood up and walked out of the church pushing her wheelchair (a parishioner of CTK and a regular of 5:30 mass), another lady walked in with crutches and walked out without, neck, back, shoulder problems experienced for YEARS GONE after the healing. Everyone giving a live testimonial at the altar was emotional and moved by the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Fernando TOUCHED every individual who came up to him with the session ending around 10:45 (mass started at 7:00 pm). People in wheelchairs were first to approach the altar for healing.

CTK was PACKED with overflow in the Parish Hall. I invite you to attend and witness for yourself the power of healing for yourself or for your loved ones. Others brought photos of their loved ones who were physically too ill to attend or from far away.


Atlanta, Georgia
March 8, 2008

My name is Rich Ufibro And i went to the healing mass on Tuesday March 4,2008 at 7:00pm mass in The Cathedral of Christ the King and i am 11 years old.As I watched the first miracle being performed i thought it was not real like the ones on tv.But after i saw one of my mom's friends that could not walk,walk without her sticks i immediately believed.When it came to my turn to get healed he touched me and i was so dizzy ,and then i thought nothing happened and i was about to leave when suddenly i started breathing well through a nostril i could not breath through for 6 years and then i gave my testimony.when we went home later that night i was about to bend down to get something when i realized that my back pain was gone and it must have been healed by fr. Fernando.It was a MIRACLE.God bless the hands of fr. Fernando. PRAISE GOD

Rich Ufibro
Atlanta, Georgia|
Mar 8, 2008

I attended Father Fernando's three day Lenten Mission at Christ the King Cathedral in Atlanta, Georgia March 3,4 and 5, 2008 and received a physical healing.

I have had a bad back since I fell on icy steps couple of years ago. I could not kneel with my back straight for more than a minute and could not even drag a heavy object across the floor. The discomfort and pain would last only a couple of hours, so I have not been to see a doctor about this. On March 4 at work I had to bend down several times for about 30 seconds at a stretch. I started to experience pain in my back but it was not severe and I could walk around. So I ignored the discomfort.

At night while we were waiting for the Holy Mass to start I felt something snap in my back but a slight pain was still there. During the healing service Father Jeff Shannon told us to intercede for others who needed healing. This also fits with the teachings of Mother Nadine Brown (Intercessors of the Lamb, Omaha, Nebraska). So as the Lord led I prayed for a certain person to receive the Grace of forgiveness. I did not pray for any healing for myself. After Father Suarez laid his hands on me I "rested in the Spirit". I left the Church to go back home. I began to feel the back pain increase and it became a continuous shooting pain. But I could still walk. I went to bed with this severe pain, again not praying for any healing. I slept very well through the night. When I got up in the morning the pain was gone. At work also I bend down several times and the pain does not return.

I do not have a doctor's certificate to prove anything but I know The Lord healed me. The greatest Grace I received is the deepening of my belief in the Miracles of the Lord we read in the Gospel. Miracles happen when we intercede for others.

Praise the Lord! Thank You Blessed Virgin Mother!

Tina Nathan
Atlanta, Georgia
Mar 8, 2008

I read an article about the healing power of the stones found in Montemaria, the sacred place in Batangas City, Philippines where Fr. Suarez held a healing mass a few years back.

Last Dec. 27, 2007, I took my family to the site and gathered several stones for my sister in the U.S. and other sick friends. On the 1st week of January this year, my sister got hold of her pair of stones, intended for her stage 1 breast cancer.

I told her that faith is the most important thing for her healing. I also instructed her to isolate herself in prayer inside her room and place each stone on her breast while praying.

Last Feb. 27, 2008, exactly 2 months after we picked up the stones, we got news from my sister who has just gone from her regular check-up that 6 doctors hugged her and congratulated them because her latest results show no trace of cancer cells in her. They gave her a clean bill of health! Everybody was ecstatic!

I cried when I heard this. I once again felt the supreme love of the Lord for all of us.

My sister's name is Jocelyn S. Lazaro. She's living in Los Angeles Ca. USA.

Angel L. Santos Jr.
Malabon City, Metro Manila
March 8, 2008

Dear Father Suarez
Words is not enough to thank you,Again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart beacuse of you healing power given by jesus christ. My prayers has been answer.I was healed.I been suffering of chronic pain due damage nerve for almost two years because of the tumor resection that was in the middle of my heart and lung and has an extension on my spinal cord its big tumor.I went back and fort to the doctor every month sometimes twice a week depends how bad is the pain beacuse,my doctor said last december appoitment that the pain that I had wont go away anymore ,but I dont lose hope I know that my prayer will be answered by god, I attend the healing mass of Father Suarez and touch by his healing hands I was healed on that moment the next day I taper my medication for pain ,beacuse I dont felt any pain on my back and even the left side of my body but I cannot completely stops the medicines because its a high dose of norcotic pain .Now my doctor and I are working to taper dowm and soon completely gone. She even surprize on last appoitment that I had (march 3,2008) I told her that I dont have any pain and she ask me how did that happen. I told her everything,she was so surprize and amaze,she said sometimes in life things happen and even medical expert cant explain how things happen.My God Blessed you with good health so you can continue to share the gifts of god that given to you the power to healing and help people that sometimes that was about to give up.Thank you so much again..

Mercy de Leon
Reseda, California
March 8, 2008

me and my wife want to thank fr. fernando for helping us conceive a child thru the prayer request in your website. we have been trying since 2006 and have tried thru IUI to no avail. However, our prayer request last january were realized the following month and presently my wife is 1 month pregnant with our first born. many thanks and god bless po.

Quezon, Metro Manila
March 8, 2008

I am healed of my fistula operation operated last Jan.11,2008 at around 4:30 p.m. Medical City Manila Philippines and It was a successful operation. I know that I was assisted by the HOLY SPIRIT AND FATHER GOD I SAW A WHITE HABIT during my operation I know that Father Suarez was with me in Spirit. Thanks for the prayers I am well and back to my healthy self and was able to be back at work again. GOD BLESS

Maria Rosario Pamintuan Alovera
Paranaque, Manila
March 8, 2008

We have always wanted to express our gratitude for the prayers you gave us and now we are blessed with a beautiful grand daughter name Sofia Mei.Please allow me to introduce myself and why we are eternally grateful. My wife Neana's pregnancy with Sofia Mei was complicated with Fibroids which competed for blood supply and was hampering the normal growth and development. Doctors were not optimistic on a full term and even suggested early termination. Irregardless what the doctors said, Neana move on with only God by her side. During your visit to Angeles City in early 2007, my mother Imang Rely sought your help. Prayers were said with only a picture of Neana in your hands. With your prayers, we stayed strong and felt closely the presence of God all through out the pregnancy. Sofia Mei is a full term baby and the Fabriods seem to have gone smaller. You will see God's gift to us in your Houston visit!

Desi S.
Houston, Texas,
March 8, 2008

God is so good and merciful. Everything is possible to God if we fully trust in Him.

I have been trying to get pregnant for several years already. My first child was born in 1998, and I desperately want to have another child. I am already at my late 30s and have been consulting medical experts regarding my problem which they called "secondary infertility". I underwent numerous medical tests and evaluations, and I already took several fertility drugs (mostly injections) which are quite expensive but to no avail. One of the fertility doctors even gave up on me and instead advised me to undergo "in vitro fertilization" which is against my Catholic faith.

It was really frustrating especially when I am feeling that my menstration is about to come. And even more depressing when I started to bleed.

But I believe that God will not forsake me. I know that God will answer my prayer and will give me this special grace I am asking in His own time. I just need to continously and truly trust in Him.

I continued to sought medical assistance. And I never failed to pray. Because of this, I became more closer to God.

One Monday morning, my friend invited me to attend Fr. Suarez's healing mass in SM Megamall scheduled on 09 January 2008 at 2pm. I did not know Fr. Suarez yet at that time but I welcomed the invitation. Since I was not aware how famous Fr. Suarez is, I went at SM Megamall on 09 January with my Mom at 1pm, and I was surprised to see several thousands of people lining up. Although, we came in late already, we were fortunate enough to get entrance tickets.

While waiting for our turn, I witnessed God's healing power. I saw on the video screen (which was placed in the waiting area) how people in wheelchairs walked after being touched by Fr. Suarez. I really felt that God was present.
I found myself crying because of happiness.

Due to the very big crowd, we were able to experience God's healing power (through Fr. Suarez) only after 10 pm. Fr. Suarez lightly touched my lower abdomen and I was slained by the Holy Spirit.

After that encounter with Fr. Suarez, I believe that I was already healed by God.

A month after, on 21 February 2008, my acupunturist told me, after examining my pulse, that I am already pregnant. That same night, I checked using a home pregnancy kit and for the first time, I saw two lines in the kit, which means "posive" (before that i usually see one line for negative results). I went to my ob-gyne the next day and she confirmed the good news. I am now pregnant.

God is so great. He is so kind.

Now that the good Lord already answered my prayer, I trust that His loving power will continue to protect me and my pregnancy.

Thank you very much Lord and Mama Mary. Thank you very much Fr. Suarez.

T. S. U.
Makati, Metro Manila
March 8, 2008

Dear Father Suarez,

Last Jan 11 2008, you and your ministry went to Our Lady of Consolation Parish Mira-Nila Subdivision to be with us and to teach people and invite more people to believe in Jesus Christ. I am devout Catholic and I always believe in God. I am married for four years now and wished for a baby when you performed your healing session. We waited outside but didn't feel the heat of the sun but instead the warmth of your presence.

My husband and I patiently waited for our turn. I even took pictures of you while performing the healing sessions with our sick people inside the Church. When it was my turn to be touch by your healing power and Jesus Christ's perfect healing power, I was electrified and I just couldn't explain the feeling.

Four weeks after - Feb 9, I suddenly felt different. I've felt dizziness, nausea and vomiting and my husband brought me home pregnancy tests and it was positive. We went to my OB Gyne Doctor and confirmed that I was four weeks pregnant. On my 6th week, the baby's heartbeat was thumping very fast with a normal heart rate of 152bmp. Now I am on my 9th week pregnancy and I am very much thankful to you since you interceded for me through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Now my responsibility is to pray more so that the baby with be healthy and normal.

I will keep you posted about this simply amazing miracle happened to me and to my husband.

Thank you very much.

Much love,

Allan and Margie Santayana
March 8, 2008 (Healing: Jan 11, 2008

Im Jenny, dx with mucinous ovarian tumor (borderline malignancy)last December 2007 and had my surgery. Now the CT scan result (03012008) sabi e wala n daw nakitang ibang malignant sa abdomen ko.. at wala din nakita na mass sa right pelvic area ko... natanggal na ang left ovary at fallopian tube ko at monitoring na lang every 6 months sa right ovary ko.. thank you for the prayers.. im so happy talaga at tinulungan niyo po ako pinagaling...sana tulungan at pagalingan niyo po ang lahat... pati ang ofcm8 ko w/c is dx with brain tumor.. her name is Shienna Cachiero.. thank you... God bless father suarez...

Marilao, Bulacan

March 8, 2008

On Feb. 21st 2008, I attended a Healing Mass with Fr. Fernando at Huntington Beach. I did not ask for anything but told Jesus that whatever he wanted to give me was ok by me. I have been having leg cramps and usually have to get up through the night with them. After retiring that night, I had the worst leg cramps that I had ever had. The next day I felt like a new person and have not had any leg cramps since. Thank you<,Jesus, and thank you Father Fernando. May God give you the strength and graces to carry on your work. I will pray for you and your ministry.

Phoebe Olivier
Laguna Woods, California
March 8, 2008

Helen Acosta
Feb. 22, 2008 @ 7:00pm Mass.
St. Benedict Church, Montebello, California, USA
I am 38 yrs old. I suffer from severe pain due Rheumatoid Arthritis for which I've had for over 16 Years. Only with the loving help of my family am I able to do the normal things of life, that so many take for granted. Like walking without pain that drowns out everything else around you. Like cooking a meal and especially for those who are mothers, trying to enjoy the blessings of my 2 girls, Ruby 11yrs and Sirena 3yrs. Due to my severe pain I have not enjoyed much of life in the past few years. I was not able to go up/dwn stairs without help,I haven't bent my right knee in over a year, I am told surgery is needed.I never gave up hope, If anything this pain has increased my faith. Nothing is more powerful than the power of God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother!

During The healing mass with Father Suarez, I walked up and down the alter stairs, WITH NO HELP! I can bend my knee, NO PAIN! I awoke the next day with energy, very little pain and THANKING Father Suarez. and PRAISING THE LORD'S HEALING SPIRIT RESTED UPON ME. AMEN

Helen Acosta
Montebello, CA
March 8. 2008

F. Muralla
Feb. 13, 2008
Healing Mass began at 7:00 pm
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Dear Fr. Fernando,

I thank God for using your hands to lay on sick people who get healed. By the grace of God, I am witnessing for a miracle that had happened while you were saying your prayers to the entire parishioners. You categorically mentioned "healing for frozen shoulder" which I was suffering from. And when you instructed us to lay our right hand on the painful part of our body, I wanted to laugh tearfully because the frozen shoulder is my right shoulder! My right hand was touching my right shoulder, anyway. Let me continue my story, I knew for a fact that healing was transpiring because I felt a severe pain on my shoulder, so severe that I was crying in pain. When you finished your praying over, the pain was gone, as if I did not have it at all! Then came the best part of my total healing, you slightly touched my forehead and I immediately rested in spirit. In a minute or so, I gained consciousness saying "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, thank you". Fr. Fernando, thank you too. God has anointed you as His Son's other hand.

New Westminster, British Columbia
March 8. 2008

I went to Fr. Suarez's healing mass at Canoga Park, CA last Feb 15. I was recently diagnosed with thyroid problem. I also have diabetes He touched my neck twice and made me swallow. He said, "Wala na 'yan." Before I went to the healing mass I have a 2.5 x 5.5 nodule which looked like a solid mass during the first ultrasound. They suspected it might be cancerous.

My fasting blood sugar for the past year has ranged from 180 to 300. The day after the healing, my fasting blood sugar was 140, then the next day 125, then 119, then 112.

I just had a biopsy today and the solid mass is no longer solid but full of fluids which then according to our doctor is better than a solid mass as the chances of it being cancerous is lower.

Julieta Unas
Santa Clarita , CA
March 8, 2008

Dear Father Fernando,

My name is Maria Lourdes Tinio De Marco. I was told about you and your healing poweer by my good friend from St. Theresa's College HS class 55 in Quezon City,Philippines by the name of Zenny Katigbak.She and her husband has a big ministry in Glendale CA.She told me you will be at St. Peter's Apostle Catholic Church in Henderson,NV. on September of 2006.

I have been diagnosed with kidney failure January, 4,2006. I was hospitalized off and on that next month, February.I went to dialysis,3 times a week for 3 hours on February 25,2006. I was told I will be on dialysis temporarily but then i was told i have a slim chance of getting out of dialysis. I had a portacath on my chest for temporary dialysis which is only good for 3 months so they kept urging me to get a fistula becsuse the portacath is not workn properly anymore. I jept postponing the procedure thinking i will have a kidney transplant instead after a year. After 6 months I was desperate and considered all options and in the meantime praying wo hard and prayers strengthened my faith.With all the friends, relatives praying for me I really believed i would be healed and God will intercede for me. I am not a very religious person but I fulfill the minimun dutiea as a Catholic but i pray the rosary everynight and I have morning prayers.

I went to your healing mass with much anticipation and also a little bit skeptical. I went by myself. I was seated in the first 10 rows and was there at 6 PM.I was very nervousI saw people falling backwards and i was so afraid that if I fall I will break my back as the catcher assigned to me was smaller than I am.

Then you went to me and asked me what I wanted? I said please get me out of dialysis. I was so happy I did not fall right away but when you went to the next person next to me, I heard a sound like(pshew)and saw a bird flew over me and touched my forehead.The next thing i knew I was on the floor crying and very warm but shivering. I will never be able to describe the feeling I felt. I can't get up so catcher told me to relax and get up very slwoly. I did not even know how i came back to my seat.

The following December we went to Livermore,CA for Christmas to be with my family. I was not able to get a dialysis space during the holiday season becaus of lack of space at the dialysis center. But I felt great and suddnely my appetite increased and then we went home after the holiday. I went to my usual dialysis appointment on January 4. Before I left we had the rewuired monthly blood tests. So when my nephrologist came i asked him how my blood tests were and I told him I have never felt much better and honestly told him I missed dialysis
the whole holiday season so maybe he can lessen my dialysis time. I told him ifd he has seen my last blood tests and he said he was on vacation and no he has not seen them yet. An also no that in fact he wants to increas my dialysis time to 4 hours 3 times a week. He was a little perturbed and he told me if I don't want the way he is treating me he will not be offended if I changed my nepphrologist but he is not going to do what I am asking him. i started crying as i have been depressed ever since.So he went to the nursing station and was reviewin g my tests and it took hom around 40 minutes to get back at me as i was almost done with my treatment. He came to me ands shook my hand and said i was in luck. He then told me that I am off duiialysis. First I did not undestan what he meant and I said now and he said no. I don't have to come back for another treatment.He said in his 18 years of practice i was his second patient that he took off dialysis but I was his first patient who got with within a year. All the nurses and technicians heard it and started hugging and congratulating me. They are also teeling me they haven't seen anybody getting out of dialysis in short period of time.They disconnected wm and they have to take my blood pressure and it went high so i was told to sit a while. As I was digesting this good news. right away I thought of Father Fernando and started praying to the Holy Spirit. I am so postively sure I was healed with his healing powers with the intercessin of the Holy Spirit.I told everybody I know about the wondreful miracle I have received and am stillpraying hard and thanking Him every minute if the day.This is truly a miracle.

I volunteered at Our lady Of Lourdes shrine in Lourdes, France but i haven't done it for the last 3 years. I am still going to the Kidney Support System and my kidneys are only 10 % functioning and the doctor said how I can tolerate this is another miracle. I still am not fully recovered, am still weak and sometimes short of breath but i am watching everything I eat and am taking pills but the best part is i am out of dialysis I hope forever.

I wanted to go this February 27 or 28 in St. Bridget's Church in Las Vegas but i was told since they wre so many people coming I u nderstand that I could give my sear for the first timers and she suggested tha I write a testimonial in your website instead. She is not discouraging me not to come but come earlier as now they will control the crowd.

I know I willnever meet you in person but i just want to thank you very much for your intercessin you besotwing you healing powers to me. I willpray that you ahve a long life so you can contnue you minsitry to help other sick peole in need like me. I was blessde. In 2010 i plan to go to your shrine in Batangas.

Thank you very much.
Maria Lourdes Tinio De Marco
Henderson, Nevada
March 8. 2008

CJ Ellsberry age 17
left shoulder
February 20, 2008
around 10pm-11pm
San Pedro CA, US
Mary Star of the Sea Church

I tore my left shoulder in early October playing football. I had surgery on my shoulder. Then at the end of Jan. i tore it once again i had surgery on it. This happend 2weeks before i saw Fr. Fernando at mary star. When Fr. Fernando was healing me i felt a strong gust of wind hit my body. Then he asked me to take off my sling. He started to move my arm around, i couldnt move my arm at all before and well there was no more pain. When i sat down in the church i started to cry and pray. This changed my life and my toughts about God. i just want to thank u Fr. Fernando so much.

CJ Elsberry
San Pedro, CA
March 8. 2008

My name is Nick Tan from the Philippines. From the City of Mandaluyong sa Labas. I migrated here in 1994. My business here was doing well till November of 2007 I lost a very huge amount. Since then I`ve financial problem. When Fr. Fernando Suarez was still in the Philippines. I heard so much of him & that he`s based here in Canada & will have a Healing Mass right in Richmond. Eversince I look forward to be in Canadian Martyrs Church on February 12, 2008. On that evening of February 12, 2008. I was with a girl her name is Elin from the Philippines. She`s only here for a year but met an accident hit by a car. Now she can`t walk & was schedule to go for operation. I watched so many times on TV those Healing events But didn`t believe thinking those were thier own people the lame walk, the deaf hear & many other ailments were cured. I never believe. But that night was the night I will NEVER forget the rest of my life. When Elin & me was in the front row. Fr. Fernando Suarez started on the left side of us those were seated on a wheelchair. After Fr. Suarez prayed over them. They started to walk. Praise GOD! & when he came to Elin & prayed over her. He held her hand & Elin started to walk. I can`t believe with my own eyes the healing power of GOD thru Fr. Suarez as the Instrument of GOD. & he came to me. I asked for Spiritual healing & to guide me thru my business. Praise GOD! Since then I already recovered 15% of my loses. Praise & Glory, Wisdom & Thanksgiving, Honor, Power & Might to our GOD forever. Amen.


I'm Imelda went home to the Phil for Christmas vacation.One sunday went to the healing mass at SM Megamall. While seated waiting for the mass to start a lady who's husband was beside me went somewhere else so the wife put a phamplet on the chair.To my curiosiy went and read the paper and found out Father Suarez schedules which in the first place don't know anything about him.I did not hesitate to go to St. Joseph church at Proj.3 in Quezon City last January 8,2008.
I arrived the church around 12:45 got inside around 2 and was prayed over around 7 p.m.I was healed because just stopped from smoking.Then i went and followed him again at Our Lady of the Abandoned in Marikina, Jan.10,2008 and told him i'm gonna having a surgery on my right breast because of a cyst and the biopsy turned out good, it's benign. Thank God for He lead me to Father Suarez.

Imelda Mesa
San Diego, California
March 8, 2008

i went to the healing mass of fr. fernado in Our LAdy of the Valley in canoga , california . what i ask fr. fernando to heal me is my soul about this time i was drowing with a lot of problem specially finacialy adding to this i have a frozen shoulder that is 7 year i can't leap my hand up or put in my back but after he touch me we went home in the house i try if it really work so i put my hand up and to my back i can do it now it is really working the Lord touch me thru him thanks you Lord for the miracle that you gave me 02/15/08

van nuys, california
March 8, 2008

When you had the mission at Corpus Christi Church in Calgary, Alberta, last December 2007, I attended your healing mass and came forward to receive a healing. I mainly asked to be advancing in spirituality, becoming a better person- but also I was greatly relieved of my obstructed bowel condition: over a couple of days I had sharp pains, but then things started moving again, then I also obtained an early date Jan.4. '08 to have a colonoscopy. Between your healing and the specialist treatment, I feel 100 per cent healed of a condition I was very worried about. I also am becoming more active and sensitive in spiritual matters. I thank you very kindly, Father Fernando Suarez. I know many people in our parish benefitted from your healing. May you keep this wonderful power through the Holy Spirit.

Suzanne de Mos
Calgary, Alberta
March 8. 2008

I have a frozen shoulder condition that I had had healing in November of last year and it has improved greatly from another healer. When Father Fernando touched my head I did not immediately feel any changes. While driving home I felt more flexibility, and relaxed in my body. The next day I felt lot of energy around me, and my shoulder is able to move much more with little pain if not at all. Today is two days later, and I feel well.

My second issue is that I have a prfound hearing loss, and noticed also a change where I can hear better. I am not totally healed, but my hearing will be permanently healed. It may not be thru Father Surez since I may not be able to visit him since he travels alot. I will continue to open my heart to God love.

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.
Blessings! Mark

Mark Inouye
Los Feliz, CA
March 8. 2008

May the Love of God bring everyone Peace!

I am a devout Catholic, the type who never misses going to Sunday masses and one who does not want to be late for mass. My faith allows me to feel the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist. In fact, after every communion, my prayer includes me hugging Jesus. This allows me to feel His Love and this gives me so much peace.

I have never heard of Fr. Fernando and my wife was the one who asked me to accompany her to the healing mass last Friday (Feb. 15th) at the "Our Lady of the Valley" Church in Canoga Park. At first, I didn't want to go. So, I told her that I will just stay home with the kids and she can go with her friends. But then, Jesus must have wanted me to attend because my wife convinced me to go.

So, off I went with the mere purpose of accompanying my wife and to ask the Lord to heal her from her lupus and fibromyalgia and also to pray for our friends who have been suffering from debilitating illnesses. Although I have been suffering from bursitis on my right shoulder for a few months now, I did not even think of seeking for my own physical healing because my pain was nothing compared to what my wife and friends suffered from. The only healing I wanted for myself was spiritual so that I can be closer to Jesus as I climb the mountain of salvation.

Although I believed that Jesus is the Healer and that He has the Power, I never realized that I would personally witness miracles with my own eyes.

People were testifying that they were getting healed - the deaf, the partially blind, those with pain and many other illnesses. When I first heard their testimonies, I was not awed. I just took it with a grain of salt until I heard a friend give his testimony. That's when it hit me. That's when I fully realized that I was really witnessing the Power of God's Love.

Then our turn came. We were on the 2nd row, so we all stood up while those in the 1st row remained seated. When Fr. Fernando was about to touch me, I bowed my head and closed my eyes. He placed his hand on my forehead, and immediately I felt a warm feeling over my right shoulder. He then tapped me on my cheeks and said something to me. I opened my eyes and asked Father what he said. He asked me what my problem was so I told him about the pain on my right shoulder and also on my lower back. He looked at me and told me to raise my arms and that I was healed. I did and the pain was gone! I then whispered, "Thank you, Jesus!" Fr. Fernando then asked me to share my experience. I went up to Fr. Jeff and gave my testimony.

When I came home, I told my children that Jesus healed me. I also spoke with my sisters on the phone and told them about the miracle that just happened. My sister told that it was my faith that healed me, to which I answered, "No, it was Jesus who healed me."

When I woke up this morning, two days after the healing, the first thing that I thought of was that I can now sleep on my right side with no pain. Then my guardian angels must have reminded me of the power of Jesus' love because I started singing the song, "Power of Your Love". What a great feeling! Jesus is really awesome!

I wish more people will also experience the Power of Jesus' Love!

I wish that more people will also experience Mother Mary's Unconditional Love for her children.

I wish more people will be enlightened and realize that the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are waiting for their invitation to be a part of their lives.

In Christ's Love,

Jazzy Yuhico
Chatsworth, CA

March 8, 2008

im josephine tuzon,feb.13 at 7pm in Saint Frances de Sales in burnaby bc.i have hip problems last accident happened,suddendly happened my surgeon find out the result of my lab.that i had infection when i was a little,then they cameout when i was in 40yrs old my left hip affected.i talked my mother why? she dont cared when i was a little,now i suffer walking limp,i have ostreoathritis now,im shy in walking most of my friend said walking limping but i accepted what they says,i move the place in surrey the owner is the one of friend father fernando owner place name ruel and rose from batangas they said the priest can healed but i believe in healing i have a faith and hope in my life,after healing i surprised Jesus healed i very thankful to father fernando his an instrument from God.i called my friends i told them my situation after healing,its a Miracle" Praise the Lord"

surrey , BC
March 8, 2008

I had accute pain on my left shoulder all the way to the portion of the chest where the heart is. The pain has been like 1 to 2 months. It disappeared right after the healing at Coquitlam by Fr. Suarez last Feb 8
Marian F
Surrey, BC
March 8, 2008

I attended Fr. Fernando's healing mass at the Canadian Martyrs Feb 12, 2008 in Richmond. I developed plantar fasciitis on my left foot last year. Since January I've been going to a physiotherapist for treatment. It is a painful inflammatory condition that takes a long time to go away. It changes the way you walk. Last night, during mass when he asked people to place their hand on the area of the body that they want healed, I placed mine on my heel and instantly felt like I've had a relaxing foot massage. My husband and I could not stay for the laying of hands so when we got home, we continued praying over my foot and my husband rubbed blessed oil on the sole of my foot. Today at my physiotherapy(I still attended because it was too late to give a cancellation notice), the therapist after doing his treatment routine, told me my foot is fine, wait 2 weeks and see if inflammation comes back; that I should keep on doing the exercises that he thought I was doing diligently. I thanked and praised God. It was confirming I was healed right at that moment.

Nenita Panganiban
Surrey, B.C.

March 8, 2008

Dear Father Suarez,

Bless be the Holy name of the our Lord, Jesus Christ!

It was October last year when our youngest son, Angelo, was diagnosed at 10 months old with a rare cancer of the blood, Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML). His doctors told us that this type of leukemia on infants are cured only through a bone marrow transplant, a complicated process of transplanting normal blood stem cells from a donor and replacing his old stem cells which are producing immature white blood cells. This transplant, however, is never been done in the Philippines on infants and has a success rate of 20% of transplants done in the United States. In addition, the cost of the transplant in the US is about $250,000 ( or roughly P10 million) and P2 million pesos (charity) if done here in the Philippines.

The immediate concern of his doctor, Dra. Patricia Alcasabas of PGH is the enlargement of his spleen and liver which according to her will lead to complications of bleeding and haemorrhage. A low-dosed chemotherapy to control the enlargement was her advise and asked us to consider and be familiar with all the effects of the therapy especially that our baby will be very prone to infection.

My wife, Nathie and I at first could not believe and accept our son’s fate. But series of tests and consultations confirmed his illness. It was then when we started to asked our friends and relatives to pray for a miraculous cure for Angelo. It’s also when we first heard of your name, a certain Fr. Suarez, a healing priest from Canada but is a Filipino.

To make my story short, we took our chances and postponed the suggested chemotherapy and attended your two healing sessions. The first one in St. Jude Parish, Malacanang and the other one, in Mary Mother of Good Council Parish, Sucat, Paranaque.

The healing in St. Jude was so memorable for us since we almost were not able to enter the crowded parish grounds as we arrived late. But by the blessing of God, your car arrived and stopped in front of us. As pushing and shoving ensued, my wife and our baby, Angelo were pushed in front of you. By God’s grace, you were able to quickly embrace and shield them from the pushing crowd and took them inside the church.

Just 3 days after this, last Jan. 26, 2008, Angelo’s doctor, Dra. Patricia, noted that his spleen’s size got smaller from about 5 cm. to about 3 cm.. This change happened without the chemotherapy or other medications.

Inspired by this development, we attended again your healing session in Marcelo Village, Sucat, Paranaque last Feb 1, 2008. Last Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008, Dra. Tricia was so surprised that she can no longer feel the spleen of Angelo (meaning, his spleen is back to its normal size). She advised us to have an ultrasound of Angelo’s spleen and liver to be very sure of her findings and expressed great amazement on your healing powers.

We have scheduled Angelo’s ultrasound this week and probably another blood chromosone test next week since Dra. Patricia hinted to us that his blood illness (JMML, monosomy 7) may be gone too.( This may be the reason why his spleen is back to normal).

I truly believe that you are God-sent for us, Father. The Lord Jesus Christ, through you, has touched and healed our son, Angelo. It’s not confirmed yet but we have learned to celebrate small victories in this battle for our son’s good health.

Please continue to touch and heal, Father. You’ll never know how much people are in great need of the presence of Jesus. I saw you praying for sick persons, and what I saw is Jesus reaching out to his people, through your genuine love for them.

Thank you so much, Father. God bless you.

Raul Catalan
Makati City, Metro Manila
March 8, 2008

Alison Blignaut healed from a work place injury which resulted in constant pain in the left shoulder & neck.

Healed on February 07, 2008 @ 10.30pm. Lady of Fatima Church, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Alison Blignaut
Port Moody, British Columbia
March 8, 2008



GOD BLESS! we contnue to pray that you'll continue the good things God has been givng us through your good works..
thank you so much!

Love 7 prayers, Joanna jasmin villaluna

March 8, 2008

I went because my mother wanted to go and because my dad didn't want to go, and somebody had to drive her. In the end, my dad went because my car was in the garage, and we needed two cars to drop it off.

But in the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to go to get healed.

The mass had already started when we arrived. We went upstairs. My dad was outside sleeping in the car. My mom kept pressing to get a better seat. She wanted to see Father Fernando. I was curious, too. He had a very relaxed manner with the congregation.

Half way through the mass, Father said a healing prayer. It was said that sometimes people would be healed even as he said this prayer. I kept an open mind and started to pray. I prayed that my mom would get her wish (to not have cancer). I found that my mind was drifting, and I fell asleep! When I woke, my sore throat was gone! I couldn't believe it! It couldn't be! I double checked. I started to sing...

You should know that I am a singer. I had a concert in 5 days. I had not had my voice at full strength for 5 weeks! At one point, I had lost my voice and had to miss a recital. My voice was back. It was incredible!

* * *

We moved from pew to pew trying to get closer to Father Fernando. I thought that my mom and I were doing something wrong by moving up like this, but something told me to just follow her.

Now, I am in line. Now, I am standing in front of Father Fernando. Tears are streaming down my cheeks. We are told to ask for one thing. I know what my one wish will be. I will ask for Jesus to help me forgive my parents. It's been something that has been plaguing me for 30 years.

Father Fernando is in front of me.
"What would you like?", he asks.
I can barely get the words out. "Forgiveness...", I stammer through sobs.
"For who? God?" His voice was so gentle.
"No. My parents...", I say. I'm full out crying.
"Where are they now?", he asks.
I tell him that my mother is a few people to my side and my father is outside in the car.
He put his hand inside my jacket (beneath my layers) and all of a sudden, I felt a jolt go through my heart -- from my back to my chest! It was incredibly painful, and I was having a hard time breathing. I fell backwards (the guy behind me caught me) and I was crying uncontrollably. I was extremely disoriented. I woman prayed over me. I could feel a burning sensation in my back at first, and then, a cool sensation. I was shocked. I was scared. I tried to just relax and let go of control. I calmed down. I rose.

Father Fernando came up to me. He told me to say sorry to my mother. He smiled and patted me on the cheek and said that I would be alright.

It took me a while to find my mother. I didn't know where she was. My legs were so weak. When I found her, I hugged her like I've never hugged her before. She started to cry. I told her that I was sorry. I just let the moment happen.

We went outside. Found my dad. He was walking towards the car. He got in the car. I had to ask him to get out of the car. Then, the three of us hugged. I told them that I was sorry. We went inside to pray. Father Fernando came up to us and blessed all three of us once more. I knew that we were going to be okay.

On the ride home, we talked -- and I mean really talked -- for the first time in, ever.

Thank you, Father Fernando! Praise God!

Ottawa, Ontario
March 8, 2008

A Mysterious and Unique Experience

Two days ago, I was "slain by the Holy Spirit" when Father Suarez
prayed for me. It was a unique, wonderful and an unexplainable
mystery. "Slain by the Holy Spirit", this terminology, I learned it
after the healing mass and after the fact.

I never attended a healing mass before January 20, 2008, nor did I
believe in one. Out of desperation, Father Suarez says that he is just
an ordinary man, who does not possess any power, but through him,
Jesus heals the sick. I flew to Hong Kong because I like what he says.

I ran into Father Suarez before the mass. First impression: he is so
passionate and down to earth.

After the mass, people started forming the lines for his personal
prayers. Father Shannon spoke about the "falling down", "to give
space" and the "catcher". Then I saw some ladies who fell backward.
"What is happening here?" I wondered.

When it was my turn, Father Suarez listened to my cause, put his arms
around me and prayed for me. Father Suarez walked by me two times,
nothing happened. When I was about to leave, an usher pushed me back
to the line. I stood there when Father Suarez came by for the third

My family witnessed that my body dropped backward when Father Suarez
put his hands on my shoulder. Then I started to decline, the catcher
pushed me back so that I would stand vertically. On the third time,
Father Suarez told him to let go of me. The next thing I knew, I
found myself completely lying down on the floor, with someone who held
on to my head. I heard nothing, and I remember absolutely nothing.

Mind you, it was after the mass that I learned the "slain by the Holy
spirit." I went on the net to find out what it was all about. To me,
it means that God, through the Holy Spirit has cured me, or would cure
me, or in the process of curing me, and He has given me special
blessing. This is a unique unexplainable experience.

By way of background, I have not been a fervent catholic. Over my
lifetime, I was "on and off" and a bad catholic. I ignored God when my
prayer was not answered, though I have always followed (or at least
tried) His Ten Commandments, (except the observation of Sabbath day).
Now I beg heartily for God the Father to take His prodigal daughter
back to His arms.

January 20, 2008 is the beginning of my spiritual life. I ask God to
lengthen my life, I would wind up my personal affairs and that I would
dedicate my life to serving the poor. I would do all to support Father
Suarez, because I can see that he is really the "People's Priest."
During the mass, I was touched when he left the VIPs to give communion
to the hard working Filipinos who reside in Hong Kong.

Father Suarez was sent by God to heal the faithful, and he has a big
and kind heart.

March 4, 2008

Thank you so much for inviting Father Fernando to Mary Star. I am a Mary Star graduate (class of ’71). I live in northern California and just happened to be visiting when I went to mass on Sunday and learned of your Lenten mission. My sister, Mary Arzuman, was going to be a Eucharistic minister for the 3 days so I thought I’d go. What a powerful conversion I experienced! My “testimonial” is not that I walked out of a wheelchair or let go of my crutches (although I witnessed both of these healings). My heart bloomed! That’s the best way to describe the feeling in my heart when Father touched me! Something blocked that fullness of love that I deeply experienced with that touch. My life is changed because of that visit. Thank you and Thank God!

Cindy Butts
March 3, 2008

Dearest Father Suarez,

I am sure you receive many letters of thanks and testimonials for the healing they have received through you. Today, I want to thank you for the healing of my friend, Cynthia Ryan, during your healing mass in San Pedro.

I know about you and went to the vigil in Batangas. Anyway, I visited your website in an effort to try and contact you personally as I had some spiritual questions, and found myself opening your schedule of masses ---- lo and behold you were going to go to San Pedro, where my best friend lives. I left the US about 8 months ago to live back in the Philippines, and since then I have been so concerned about my friend.

I told her about you and and your visit to San Pedro. She went to every mass you had. You touched her several times. Her healing was much more than just physical ---- but spiritual.

She told me that during the mass you said that you were asked by your supervisor to heal people and heal the church ----- and you said, you did not know exactly how that would happen. My friend Cynthia said: "I know exactly how that happens". My friend is 54 and was born Catholic, and for a long time she has turned her back from the Catholic Church, expecially amidst the scandals of child molestation by priests. She's very spiritual but sought her spiritual growth through other ways. Most recently, she was actually contemplating on Buddhism. After your masses, she said: " I know that he (meaning you) was a gift from Jesus Christ." This was the first time I had ever heard her use the name of Christ. And today, she sent me an e-mail that said ----- my search has ended ----- it ends with Jesus Christ.

This is how you heal the church and bring back people to Christ.

I thank you. I thank God. I thank Mother Mary. I love my friend dearly... and truly she has been so blessed. I hope one day, I too will have the opportunity to be blessed by Christ through your hands,

Thank You,

Wilma M. Worden

Feb 24, 2008

Dear Mary Sheridan,

I have only heard about Father Fernando Suarez a few weeks ago while watching the program Food For Life for the first time. I am totally impressed and at the time I did not know that it was a Catholic program, doubly impressed.

While watching the program I thought this man is for real and then I found out he was Catholic. My aunt held out her hand while Fr. Fernando was praying to heal people and held her throat. Wow! she use to make the most awful noises and drove us up the wall. We had trouble sleeping because it was constant.She now makes the occassional noise while clearing her throat and we are not going to renew the medication that did not help her at all.

My big question is will Fr Fernando be giving a HEALING MASS in Toronto in 2008? We had just buried another aunt in October 2007 and I had looked for a healer for her but to no avail. So this is a BIG THANKS to Father Fernando and I will keep him in my prayers and hope and pray that we will be able to attend a healing mass in 2008.

Thanks and best wishes,

Benita Steele.