Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chasing Father Fernando Suarez

I'd like to devote this blog to the healings conducted by Fr. Fernando Suarez of Companions of the Cross. There are several healing masses not only of Fr. Fernando but also of Fr. Joey Faller, Fr. Corsi Legaspi, Sis. Gloria Ross and Sis. Racquel Reodica.

But for some strange happenings like most of the sick are being healed and the interest and curiosity of the people in this phenomena, it is only apt to try to chase the trails of Fr. Fernando. In order as we, ordinary people might understand why the healings brought so many people to an inner self transformation. Not only those whose are sick and was healed, but also to those family members and friends who seek miracles for them and their loved ones.

Let there be light.

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