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October to December 2007 Healing Testimonials

October to December 2007 Healing Testimonials
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Dear Fr. Fernando,

On Thursday, Feb 8 my husband and I travelled from Montreal to attend your healing mass. It was the Lord who took us there as the previous day we were involved in an accident where all 3 of us escaped. As the car could not be used anymore, a friend took us to Ottawa for the Mass. Father, you prayed over my husband and I noticed the prayers were intense and I actually said to myself that he is healed. However, I did not say anything as he had to be seen by the doctor on the 1st of March. Amazing but yesterday the doctor told him not to worry as his recent test results were okay. He has to be followed up but this was a big test which would reveal his condition. Also during the mass, you prayed especially for prostrate cancer patients. It was like you read our minds. Father, in the name of the Lord, I thank you profoundly. You have brought joy to my family and unceasing gratitude. May God Bless You and Keep You Safe. For more than a year now, I have been worrying about my husband's health. Please continue to pray for my son who is autistic. I trust that with perserverance my son's condition will improve also. I will keep the faith going. The Lord's mercy is unending,

Grace B.
Montreal, P.Q.

Dec 16, 2007

Dear Fr Fernando,

Greetings of Peace and Love...Father I attended your healing masses while you were here in Philippines three times and you prayed over me twice. It was indeed a wonderful and memorable experienced to personally witness God's unfailing love, forgiveness, mercy, peace and healing. Father I don't know if you could still remember me but I could earnestly remember one of my prayers when you laid your hands on my head and that was to pass the licensure exam for teachers. Father today I'm so grateful to God, to Jesus, Mama Mary, to you and my family & freinds coz our prayers has been granted. I successfully passed the board exam Father. Thank you so much again Father, I will surely attend again your healing mass this coming December. May God continue to bless you and Fr. Jeff more and more. See you soon!

In Christ,
Manila, Phils
Dec 16, 2007

Hi Father Fernando,

I was at the Eucharistic convention July 8th in Atlanta, Georgia. First I
will tell you about the very painful life I had.I have been mentaly ill since
1991. I suffered from anxiety, depression, obessive compulsive thoughts of suicide daily for the last four years. I have also been in mental hospitals six times. Even medication and doctors could not take these thoughts away. I did not drive for about ten years and I would not get in a car at all for 5 years.I would only sit in the back of the car with childlocks for fear of jumping out. I could not believe God would allow me to experience so much suffering in vain. A month prior to your Eucharistic healing on July 8th in Atlanta, Georgia, I believe God was at work. My sister got a brand new car and asked me if I would sit in the front seat. For some reason I felt no fear. We were able to go down the street and eat lunch. This was a triuphant moment for me, praised be God! I then befriended a man at work. I told him my mental status, and he trusted me and took me in his car. I road again in the front seat with little or no fear several more times. Praise God again! Now prior to the convention I had been going to a Protestant church. But my Catholic roommate insisted I return to my church. So I walked into her Catholic church and saw the bulletin for the Eucharistic convention. As soon as I read about Father Fernando's gift of healing I called the church priest and had an hour confession July 7th. Something in me told me this for real, and get ready for the Eucharist. I have never stop believing that it is truly the body and and blood of our dear Christ. The next day I was so happy at the convention, I could see a modern day disciple of jesus- Father Fernando. I cried tears of joy and release of anger and pain throughout the whole mass. When I saw people being slain in the Holy Spirit I was so exited as though I was living in the days when Jesus walked this earth. When Father Fernando came up to me I was holding a paper for prayer requests for other people and my Rosary beads wrapped around my hand.

At that moment that Father Fernando put his hands on my head and neck I claimed my healing. Now I did not get slained or feel anything physical, however, I decided that God can do anything. I have faith in My God, and I do not need a sign. Since that night at the Convention I have returned to the Catholic church with desire. I love going to communion, and I am very involved in the Marian movement. My priorities have changed. Instead of earthly riches, trophies, and status I want to help Jesus convert as many souls as possible. I want to glorify the Lord. As far my testamony. I am still riding in cars without fear, and my thoughts of suicide have practically vanished. I am prudent, however, and will continue my medicine and seeing the doctor until God decides to heal me completely. I plan to drive in the future.

God Bless you Father Fernando & God Bless Jesus and the Holy Spirit which cured me through the Eucharist. I would like to offer all my years of mental illness as a sacrifice to my Savior Jesus Christ. In Christ with love,

Dec 2, 2007

Father Fernando,

My name is Kristina Kula.  I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  I
met with you twice over the past year; once in Vancouver with my
friend Ursula and the other time in Ottawa.  I have been undergoing
treatment for Ovarian Cancer for the past couple years.  At this time,
I am fine and my illness is stable.  I wish to Thank You with all my
heart for everything that you have done for me.  I feel as though my
body is slowly being healed with every visit. God Bless You, you are
my Angel, messenger from God.  I will try to bring my daughter to your
Healing Mass on December 4th, 2007.

God Bless You,


Richmond Hill, ON
Dec 2, 2007

Dear Father Fernando,

I e-mailed you 3 weeks ago about my Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Diarrhea and now I am completely healed. Thank you very much Father Fernando. Now I am able to take my son to the mall and enjoy my weekends with him, go to work without getting stressed out because of the diarrhea that has been bothering me before I e-mailed you. Father Fernando, I am not really sure if you still remember my email because I know a lot of people are asking for your help. To this very day, I haven't talked to my son's dad yet. He's still in Taiwan. I decided not to push through with my Petition for Child Support because it is not really what I need from him. I told him about it through yahoo chat by sending him messages offline because I know for sure he'd be able to read it once he goes online. I told him that his son and I are still waiting for him to come back and still praying that we'll be reunited as a family again. But then again, as usual, I received no reply. I decided to swallow my pride and thought that if I would make a move once again, I've got nothing to lose. I sent him pictures of me and our son early this morning on the post. He's most likely to receive it 2 weeks after. His niece sent me his pictures in Taipei via email and I admitted that seeing his photos once again after almost 3 years made me smile. I know God won't get tired of hearing my plea. Nothing has changed Father. I still love him despite the pain he has caused me when he left. Please help me pray that he'll one day realize me and my son's worth -- that one day, he would come back to us and we'd be a happy family once again.  Father Fernando, I know there are a lot of women out there who are in the same situation where I am in right now - solely raising their children and finally gave up on the father of their child. Mine is different. I still have the same high hopes that he would be able to find his way back to us. I never get tired of praying that he would be able to realize that we are still here, waiting for his return. I never get tired of loving him despite the odds and the many problems we have been through. Father, please help me pray that he would forgive me for whatever it is that I have done which made him decide to leave me and our son. I honestly don't know if I did anything wrong in the past. I am totally unaware of it. I hope he'd be able to find it in his heart to forgive me and bring back the love that he once had for me and our son.

Thank you very much Father for taking some of your time reading my e-mail. May God continue to bless you as well.

Take care always.

Your sister in Christ,

Sheryll Anne Apostol

Dec 2, 2007

Dear Fr. Suarez,

              Im not sure you remember me, but I think youll remember my father, Efren Ll. Cruz, whose kidneys you healed in the St. Joseph Chapel.
Hes the cousin of Me-an Lagasca, who is my tita. Anyway, I would just like to thank you for healing my eyesactually, you healed more than my eyes.

              My mom brought me there that day, so I had to take a leave from
school. We were supposed to go to the clinic at my dads office for a test
because I had a severe case of hyperventilation Monday earlier that week.
They had to bring me to the school clinic in a stretcher. I went with my parents, lola and two titas to Camp Crame, just thinking that maybe my dad could be healed today, and wont need an operation anymore. We waited for a long time on our pews, and I thought of thinking about myself. Did I want to have anything healed? I guess so. I worry too much and Ive been getting sick easily; Ive also suspected that because of how much I worry, some spirit has been feeding on my distress for many years. That would explain why I feel negative emotions so heavily. Ive never told anyone in my family about the latter. But for some reason, I thought that maybe if I asked for healing for myself, that would be asking too much from God. My mom told me that I was just like my dad in that respect. Even so, if nothing happened to me, I hoped that whatever healing was left for me would go to my dad.

              I wanted to be healed from my stressIve experienced many
headaches, Ive had depression before, and I hyperventilated recently. Ive
been wearing glasses since I was nine, and some years ago, the doctor told me that they were permanent. On the side, I wanted the pasma in my hands taken away, too. But I thought that because I felt that I didnt deserve it, maybe I shouldnt ask at alljust ask for my dads healing. In the end, I
thought that this was an opportunity that I couldnt afford to miss, so why not take it? I asked my mom what I should have healed: she told me to have you heal my headaches. What I really meant to ask was a way to phrase everything.

              When I saw my dad get up from after you healed him, my eyes
started to water. That made me very happy, and perhaps it gave me hope for myself. We were lining up for our turn, my mom and me, and soon enough, we found ourselves standing in a row, waiting for you. Beside me, there were two women on the ground crying, with one of them shaking all over and making the sign of the cross. Then another woman came up to me and told me to pray instead. Over and over again, I repeated what I wanted to have healed, thinking that God knew everything I really wanted. I saw my mom fall down and next thing I knew, you were already in front of me, and you touched your fingers to my forehead and blew on me. I didnt fall down, but lost my balance a little. I stood there, still crying, and removed my glasses. I was looking around for my mom, but the real reason I still stood there was because some cloud passed over my vision and I was hoping against hope that it actually worked for me. My mom found me instead and we walked back to our pew, where the rest of my family except my lola were seated.

              While they talked amongst themselves, I was looking around,
trying to wipe my eyes because what I was seeing could not be real. I trained them on one of the statues on top of the altar and found my vision clearing slowly. Thats when I really started to cry; I was so happy! When we got out of the chapel, my mom and my lola kept pointing to signs at a distance, asking me to read them. And while I found that none of them were really sharp, I could read them, whereas I really needed my glasses before. My vision wasnt perfect, but its clearer than it has been in years. Later, I found out that my hands didnt shake anymore and that the spirit was gone.

            Ive gotten a hold of your schedule, and I plan to watch you on TV this Sunday. I heard that people get healed just watching like that too. I suspect that my eye grade went a little higher again, because I have to squint just a little more to see the writing on the board at school. Im praying that maybe this time, my vision reaches 20/20. Thank you very much for everything
youve done. J

Yours truly,
Mavi Cruz

Dec 2, 2007

Dear Father,

Good day. I had an e-mail to you last October 3, 2007  requesting for
prayer healing of my sick mother. Praise the Lord and thanks to you
father  because the health of my mother has improved after one day of my
request.  She can now eat at speak well. My mother said her only problem
now is she can't stand alone due to knee joint pains and  light bleeding
on her tongue. We in the family are also praying for her because we have
no money to pay for the hospitalization as  we belong to a poor family.
Last year she is on off from  Mercado General Hospital and 2 times
confined in 2007. The doctors attending on her in the hospital is very
kind as they know our financial situation.

The entire family said thanks a lot to you father. What a blessing that
one time I saw you on Sunday TV mass here in the Philippines and I
believed that you have blessed healing power of our Dear Lord Almighty.
Hope to see you personally here in the Philippines.

God bless you in your ministry!


Dory M. Almazan
Dec 2, 2007

On Sept. 8,2007  My wife Luci and I attended the Healing Mass at
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Los Angeles. We were there to ask   Fr. to pray for our Grandson  who had open heart surgery. Fr. prayed over his picture and he is now home Thanks to GOD. After his prayer I told Fr. I
had  bad hearing and would he pray over me . H e  touched my ears and
breathed on them and said now you and hear. At that very time I could
under stand better. I can now  under stand words that I could not before.
My clarity is 100% better Thanks be to GOD and JESUS for the healing
powers though Fr.Fernando. We are now working hard to get Fr. to parishes in our area so more people can see and believe in in our LORD GOD. Thanks Fr. and we will see you soon .

Frank and Luci karcher
Thousand Palms, CA

Dec 2, 2007

Hi Father Fernando,

I went to your healing mass in Glendale, CA (March 17, 2007). I know
that you will not remember it anymore; I'm the one that grabs you and
was crying. I was asking for prayer and healing because I was
diagnosed with breast cancer. You took my right hand and put it on
your heart, touch my hand and whispered to me that "I'm healed". I
will not forget that day. After the surgery (March 19, 2007) the test
result came back my doctor told me that I will no longer needing a
chemo or radiation and even a long term medicine. After hearing these
things, I cried and remembered what you have told me. I have told all
my friends about it.

Father, there is not enough words to thank you for what you have done
for me. I 'am also praying that the Lord will continuously give you
power and strength so that you can heal more people, because there are
really more sick people out in this world.

Thank you very much,
Maria R.
Long Beach, CA

Dec 2, 2007

Dear Fr. Fernando,

Thank you for all healings you did for me; now I can walk normally because you prevented the enlargement of my heart and this happens during your Eucharistic Celebration at El Segundo on Sept 8th, happens to be the birthday of Virgin Mary. I was provided by my doctor Dr. Gina iomico-Trahan, Jacksonville, Florida, with such information. I am all right now.

Then, I went to Eucharistic Celebration at Hammond, Indiana, on Nov 10th, about my lungs which was affected by a bilateral pneumonia five months ago and which affect my breathing and again I experience easy breathing after you touched my shoulder. Everything is all right but, the pain on my waist surfaced when I do a long walk so, I went to Talcott Church, Harlem,
Chicago, on Nov 12th and this pain simply disappeared after your touched my head and shoulder. I know you are one of Jesus' apostles sent by Him to cure the sick and at the same time, let people on earth remember Him as most powerful Lord.

Yes, Fr. Fernando, He uses you as His medium to take care of His "sheeps". Now, I always pray for you during the celebration of the mass because you need the strength , wisdom and health. You barely rest as if you are after all the "lost sheeps" who needs your help.

Paul Dunglao
Jacksonville, Florida

Nov 27, 2007

P.S.  When are you coming over here at Jacksonville? We have to fly wherever you'll have  your Eucharistic Celebration. I pity those who can't fly or make the trip to be with you.

Dear Father Fernando,
PEACE! I wish to thank the Lord through you
because now I am relieved with my chronic coughing. Remember that for
several times that I went to your healing session, I was really asking
to heal this terrible cough that was disturbing me for at least 20
years or more. Now I am happy to tell you that I am healed. I hope
that this will last so that I can still continue my mission work for
the benefits of our Filipino Migrants here in Milan, Italy.

Rest assured of my prayers
for you and for your healing mission. Regards also to Fr. Jeff.

God bless!
Sr. Zenaida Dimaculangan
Milan, Italy

My name is Ines Corcoran from London England.   I was diagnosed with
degenerative disc disease.  I had two operations to remove and fuse
discs in my spine.  Recently I was told by an orthopedic consultant
that I have four discs on my neck that are given me constant agonizing
pain and lost mobility on my left arm.  After Father Fernando prayed
with me, the large lump on my neck caused by the discs bulging has
receeded and I was able to move my head, something I could not do
before.  I claim this healing in Jesus name!!

Ines Corcoran,
London England
Oct. 23, 2007

Dear Father Fernando,

Thank you for sharing with us this prayer for healing. I happened to find out about it after hearing mass last Oct 22 at the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the BDO Building in Makati. I saw it placed near the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After saying it myself, I thought I would share it with others who might be in need of physical and spiritual healing right now, as my part in your healing ministry. I am glad to inform you that someone i actually do not know took the time to make a powerpoint presentation with the prayer and the picture i sent through the internet. I have attached here the said presentation. I hope that you may bless that said presentation so that it may reach more people like us who need God's healing grace but are tied to their computers. God surely works in mysterious ways.

"Blessed be the name of the Lord God who heals and reveals, forever and ever, Amen." is the part which I have added. May God be glorified in all things.

Father, if it is God's will, please pray for me for my total healing. I firmly trust that Jesus will heal me from my present infirmity, if He wills me to.

Thank you and I hope that i would be able to hear from you. I shall still be sending the prayers to other people.

Makati City, Philippines

Oct 25, 2007


Lord, look upon me with eyes of mercy.
May Your Healing Spirit rest upon me.
It is through Your power that I was created.
since You created me from nothing,
You certainly recreate me.

Fill me with the healing power of Your Spirit.
May Your lifegiving powers flow into every cell
of my body and into the depths of my soul.
Mend what is broken.
Cast out anything that should not be within me.

Rebuild my brokenness.
Restore my strength for service in Your Kingdom.
Touch my mind with Your wisdom,
Thay my mouth may always proclaim Your praise.
Teach me to reach out to You in my need and
Help me to lead others to You by my example.

Most loving Heart of Jesus
Bring me health in body and spirit
That I may serve You with all my strength. AMEN.



To Jesus, through Mary.

Fr. Fernando Suarez, CC
Mary Mother of the Poor


Dear Father Fernando
Thank you for saving my life. Iam 38 years old and
recently attented the Eucharistic Congress at Atlanta
on June, 8 2007. For the passsed 20 years i have been
having a terible nightmare that never goes away.While
iam asleep, unknown evil clothed in black comes to
supressed me in my sleep and makes me feel helpless at
dawn, and this has been going on for the last 20
years.Due to my troubled mind, Iam unable to functions
properly,have a job non complete my education. But by
the grace of the Almightly God for the first time in
my life after you extend your supernatural hands of
healing upon my forehead i was able to sleep for the
first time in 20 years without fear. I thank you for
coming to Atlanta, and extending your gifted blessing
that  Our heavenly father gave you to save us. I
prayed that by this time next year i have another
opportunity in meeting with you.

Martha Omon.
Atlanta, GA
Posted Oct 25, 2007

Dear Fr. Suarez,

Thank you for healing my husbands frozen shoulder and chest pains on March
18, 2007 at St Dorothys Church in Glendora, CA.

The Lord really works in mysterious ways.  My husband, Julius Abadilla,
volunteered to drive us (my two sisters and myself) to Glendora on that
Sunday night.  One of my sisters was scheduled for eye surgery the following
week and we were praying and hoping for miracle.  It was Julius first time
to attend a healing mass hence the skepticism.

After the mass, he volunteered as a catcher and then helped to control the
lines.  He did not have any intention to join us when we were lined up but
my oldest sister insisted. The following morning he was able to bend, raise
and move his right arm without any pain and his chest pains were gone. Prior
to your healing, he underwent several months of therapy at Kaiser for the
frozen shoulder.

Thank you, Fr. Suarez and we hope to see you again this week at one of your
healing services.


Lita Abadilla

Glendora, CA
Oct 25, 2007

Dear Fr. Fernando,
We were on vacation in California and we were very lucky to attend your
mass in Long Beach, my sister''s swollen and painful hands due to arthritis
subsided, my brother painful knees are improved , the pain on my lower back
L lower extremity due to sciatica is improving, I use the rosary, rub it on
the painful areas to help me with the pain. Thank yopu very much for your
healing and prayers.
Prayers and God love

Houston, Texas

Oct 25, 2007

Fr Fernando,

Thank you for the miraculous healing of June Bill and Pat Merry over tje past year. Pat had lung cancer which had spread and June was told she had no hope with Legionnaire"s Disease. She is the onlu survivor this respirologist in Florida had ever had survive! He told us it was the power of prayer ! Dr Al Andary also deserves special blessings for his care, and the nurses as well.

Thandks be to God! I pray for continuing hjealth for Pat Merry and June Bill thank you very much!!

Oct 3, 2007

Dear Father Fernando:

I attended your healing service at the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta , Georgia on Friday evening, June 8th. I realize that you probably get hundreds of emails each month, so I will try to be brief.

I went for two other people who could not attend the conference. One is a good friend who has a lump in her breast that was scheduled for biopsy this week and the other was for my daughter, who was diagnosed with HIV three years ago at the age of 20.

I purchased two of the rosary bracelets and when you prayed over me I held them out and you touched both of them with your hands before touching me on my forehead. While I have been to many healing services over the years and have been prayed over dozens of times, this was the first time I had actually felt weak and fell backwards. Afterwards, as I knelt at the altar before the Eucharist and held my hands up in prayer, the tips of my fingers tingled as though they had pins and needles. I praised God throughout this time, even though I am still not sure what the tingling fingertips means!

I saw my friend the next day at the Eucharistic Congress and gave her the bracelet at that time while explaining the wonderful experience from the night before. She has now been to the doctor two days ago and had the lump excised. We are praying that it will be benign! PRAISE GOD!

Something very interesting happened last night, though (June 23, 2007). I had brought the second rosary bracelet with me on vacation this past week, intending to give it to my daughter who was coming to visit one day. I forgot to give it to her (along with your CD on healing) and ended up driving back to Atlanta last night with the bracelet in my car.

My son and his girlfriend were at the house when I arrived and they set about to unload my car for me while I took off to my gardens to try and water the wilting flowers! (It has been in the 90's all week with no rain.) While I was out in the yard, they made several trips up and down the stairs to unload the car. On the last trip, my son's girlfriend apparently was out of breath and was succumbing to an asthma attack. She decided to finish up with the last few things, thinking she would run to her house nearby to get her inhaler when she was done.

However, she said that when she picked up the bracelet, she immediately felt her lungs clear up and felt a cold tingling sensation throughout her body! Apparently she ran into the house and flung the bracelet onto my coffee table, terrified, and then ran out to find me. When she came up to me, her eyes showed me something was wrong as she said, "What is in that bracelet?" I tried to figure out what bracelet she was talking about, but could only think that she meant the rosary bracelet. I answered, "What do you mean….. 'what's IN it' ….there is nothing IN it – the bracelet is made of pearls on a string. Did you break it?" (Her eyes showed fear so I thought maybe she was afraid to tell me that she had broken it by mistake.)

That's when she said, "No, I didn't break it, but it freaked me out! What kind of bracelet is it?" I told her that it was a "healing bracelet" and that I bought it at the healing service at the Eucharistic Congress. (I had told her and my son about the healing service the day after I had gone. My son had been working and she had decided not to come, even though I had invited her to join me.)

She looked at me wide-eyed and told me what happened to her lungs and the cold feeling that passed through her as she held the bracelet in her hand! She said she could now breathe fine and had never had an asthma attack suddenly stop before! PRAISE GOD! This girl has many maladies and it would be SO LIKE GOD to show her that HE knows her and wants to heal her!

I told her to take the bracelet, but she said that she wants my daughter to have it. Can I possibly purchase a few more?

Thank you, Father Fernando, for allowing God to use you for His Glory!

Atlanta, GA
Oct 3, 2007

Dear Father Fernando

On January 8th 2007 my husband and I welcomed our 3rd child into this world with the glory of god by our side she was our miracle baby. What made this pregnancy so special was she was also a twin. During my pregnancy we were told it was very high risk and they recommended abortion within the 1st 6 weeks. For the next 2 months we continued to see doctors every 2 weeks as they monitored the growth of both babies, and continued to recommend aborting one of the twins due to slow growth and there was the risk if an abortion was attempted we could possible lose both or complications could arise later on and we could lose both babies. This went against all our beliefs as catholics, what overwhelmed us was the constant pressure from the various hospital staff and doctors who strongly recommended the abortion it was repeated each time we saw the doctor and as we continued to say NO they eventually transferred us to another hospital in the city.

During this time we had heard about Father Fernando and found out he was scheduled for a healing mass in our city and decided to attend. It was a very spiritual evening as he blessed both of us and the twins and we prayed over our decision to leave everything in the hands of god. No matter what happened we believed god would prevail and decide what is best for our twins. On January 7th I sat in the hospital with my husband and we prayed to God and thanked him for everything he blessed us with since our union. It was a long night and we prayed all night and through the grace of god and the anointing we received that night with Farther Fernando our baby girl was born completely healthy and our baby boy stayed with god. As human beings we should always believe that god triumphants on all things no matter how terrible we may think the situation maybe. We cannot see or imagine all the battles god fights for us. Even thought it may not be the end result we want god already knows our future path before that end. He once again blessed our family, we believe Father Fernando blessed us with god and god used him to prepare us for what was to come. May god bless who ever reads this and we pary it provides them with courage and strengthens their faith.

Celine and Rod

Oct 3, 2007

I attended the Filipino Alliance Charismatic Prayer in Burbank California last July 13. I rested in spirit after Father Fernando Suarez touched my forehead . My lockjaw problem was healed right after I was prayed over by Father Fernando. Now I can eat with big bites and I can laugh. Thank you God. Also, thank you Father Fernando for sharing your gift of healing to us.

California, USA

Oct 3, 2007



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