Saturday, April 26, 2014

FACE THE PEOPLE with Father Fernando Suarez April 21,2014

Face the People is a Philippine reality tabloid talk show aired on TV5 and presented by Gelli de Belen and Christine Bersola-Babao.


  1. Kudos Fr. Fernando Suarez! you're right, you cannot please everybody. you are sent by God to help us. The world loves and respects you.

  2. Rest in the Lord regardless of what is going on, for He is good and knows what is best even if it is not quite clear or evident. Such is FAITH. All the best and sending baskets of flowers, love, and prayers. Diana

  3. Yes you could lose all the riches of the world, even the chance to father children of your own but see you give up all this but God give you hundreds of thousand spiritual children.... and joy and peace that a millionaire could not have... May the Lord Jesus keep you, and send legions of Angel to protect you and May Mother Mary cover you with her motherly mantle....