Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Healing Mass officiated by Father Fernando Suarez in Cebu

Although the event is private, we are glad that Fr. Fernando is back and we are just waiting for his schedule to be out soon.

Excerpt from the news:

...celebration at the Blue Elephant Sky Lounge. It was also the formal blessing of the lounge and at the same time that it celebrated Siam Thai Cuisine's sixth anniversary. Preceding the grand feast was a healing Mass officiated by Father Fernando Suarez ,with Bishops Emilio Bataclan, Antonio Palang and George Remondo as co-celebrants...


  1. Thank you Lord, Father Suarez is back, Amen

  2. Te damos gracias Señor la bondad de tu sagrado corazón. Cuida siempre de tu hijo Sacerdote Padre Fernando Suarez.

  3. Thanks God!!! Maraming naghihintay sa
    pagbabalik ni father Fernando Suarez...isa na ako sa naghihintay

  4. The Lord will bring Fr Fernando Suarez to Vancouver BC again, this my prayer in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen