Monday, April 6, 2015

An encounter with the healing priest

Fr. Fernando Suarez (Foto by Allan Defensor)

HE amused them, made them laugh, told them to smile so they would instantly look beautiful, and to be true to the description of being TAO—that is, transparent, accountable and open.

A few who attended the mass must have done so out of curiosity, but most of them came to be healed of whatever it was that ailed them. And this mass, explained the priest who has traveled around the globe with his healing ministry, is the best preparation for a healing encounter with God. After that mass, he did heal, including a lady who came in a wheelchair but who came out, pushing that chair. -> Read full story By JENARA REGIS NEWMAN


  1. May God continue to bless your healing heart!

  2. Keep on doing God's good work. You are bringing people closer to God. God bless you Fr. Suarez