Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The power of healing - What Fr. Fernando does to heal via holy spirit?

At 21:55 elapsed time, Father Fernando started the most powerful component of healing, the forgiveness of sins, to ask and forgive, to remove hatred in our hearts and to let go of all our negative thoughts.

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  1. I thank God, and I thank you Fr. Suarez. I was one of those who asked for prayers for my eldest sister's operation on her brain tumor when you held your healing mass in Adamson University 6 yrs ago in Feb 2009 ...maraming pong salamat na binalikan nyo pa ako sa line ko to ask for my sisters name (Consuelo Ferolino Jonson).... God is so good, my sister is still with us now, pacencya na po for this 'very' late thanks, but better late than never. Thank you po uli and God bless you more. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! ....AdU Graduate Batch 1981