Monday, October 1, 2012

Testimonial - has a child after 6 years

Virgie P. Servano
Cavite, Silang
June 3rd, 2012

"Virgie Cavite August We were married for 6 years. I was pregnant twice before I attended Father Suarez' healing mass in Alfonso, Cavite but unfortunately, none of them pursued. I got interested because I heard several stories about him from different people around me. So I searched the internet and got more interested when I read several testimonials through his website. I invited my husband to go to his healing mass in August and luckily, he was there to conduct the mass. Of all the thousand of people running for him to different places that he'd been through, we said we were lucky because at one try, he was there to conduct the mass. We were so excited for the mass to start and there was really a feeling that we were called there to believe that something will happen after the mass. At first, we were expecting that we will be healed physically, because we came there to ask God for a baby. But I realized that it more of spiritual healing that we must believe that God will provide if we believe. I must say that after the mass, I expected something to happen. And true to it, after 1 month, I was feeling that I was pregnant so I had a test and it was positive. We were very happy that I gave birth last Friday, June 1. One of these days, we will come again to show how happy we are to have Ieauan. And we will still ask Father Suarez to continue healing people such as our child to grow healthy and fear to the Lord. "

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