Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Testimonial: seizure attacks

NCR, Makati
July 14th, 2012

"I'm forever thankful because God healed my baby, Danielle Michicko. The good Lord healed her through Father Suarez. She was diagnosed to have a seizure disorder last December 2011 and she was just 19 months old at that time. We went through troubled times since then when we had to be in and out of the hospital because of her seizure attacks that happened more than 10 times a day. Our lives changed because last February 2012, we attended Father Suarez's healing mass. Father Suarez placed his hand on my baby's head and since that verry moment, she was healed and never had her seizure attacks. Her doctors where impressed about her speedy recovery. Thank you Lord for your goodness and thank you Father Suarez for strengthening our faith. "


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  1. ako rin po i beleived, na healed din po anak ko .. nanood po kame ng healing mass ni father suares sa tv habang nanonood kame ng anak ko na 7 yrs old na may sakit din po na seizure. umiyak sya bigla at tumulo ang luha ng marinig nya na sabihin ni father suarez ang sakit nya..and after a month nag pa MRI sya wala na po nakitang sakit... san tuloy tuloy na..GOD is good all the time!