Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Golden Moment for the Church

(Excerpts From Fr. Suarez’ homily to the seminarians by RT Oliveros, PhD)

The papal embrace and the concelebration with Pope Francis is a highpoint in Fr. Fernando’s 12 years of priesthood. “This is a golden moment of the church. We, MMMP, should be contaminated
by this contagious joy of the “Francis effect.” Fr. Fernando said in Taglish, “Kung hindi ka pa rin liligaya nang dahil kay Kristo, ewan ko na lang talaga” (If you will still not find happiness because of
Christ, I really do not know why) because true peace, joy and contentment can be found only in Jesus Christ.

- Download copy of July 2014 MMMP Newsletter

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  1. God bless you Father Fernando Suarez