Saturday, September 8, 2012

Testimonial: IM faltado, Batangas - Lupus

IM faltado
Batangas, Batangas City
November 10th, 2011

"Last June 2011 a week after her birthday, my daughter was complaining of pain on her foot accompanied by high fever. This went on for almost three weeks. Her Doctor gave her antibiotic but still no effect, until we decided to bring her in UERM Manila. She was really in pain… , the pain on her foot transferred to different parts of her body, her knees, legs, hands. And even her mouth was full of sores . She kept on crying all the time. We were so helpless because as parents we wanted to remove all the pains and yet we couldn’t do any thing about it. She underwent to many tests. After a week her doctors had a conference and talked to us. They told us that our daughter has LUPUs (a disease that affects the immune system and it is chronic) . It was like a puzzle to us that we didn’t even know what the disease is all about until it slowly sink into our mind that it is not just a simple sickness. This is serious and we cannot do anything about it. The doctor said there is no cure……There were so many things in our minds …WHY???of all WHY US ???WHY MY DAUGHTER??She is still young – a kind and intelligent girl….What did we do to deserve this??? But still with all the questions We saw ourselves going back to God. My daughter was not yet okay at that time but we decided to go out of the hospital. Our faith is with us we will go to Monte Maria- to Fr. Suarez…I know God will hold us tight during this time of our life. Every Saturday we tried to attend the Healing Mass in Monte Maria. My daughter was then in pain she couldn’t walk and full of sores in her mouth. Her Papa would always carry her and put her into the wheelchair. After a week she was She was brought again to St Luke’s hospital because of fever and pains. But we never lose hope. We know that God will heal her. When we went of the hospital she was not yet okay but our faith is there….We will bring her In Monte Maria with Fr. Suarez. We were so happy to discover that Fr. Suarez will be going to Dagatan, Batangas to have a healing Mass so we went there also. When were on the line my husband was carrying my daughter, Fr Suarez touched him and gave him water and he said “Magaling na sya”. It was a relief for us because we know that God has healed her –A miracle happened! Praise God! From then on we continue our promise to go in Monte Maria for 9 Saturdays . My daughter went back to her normal routine. She is now attending her classes. The doctor said the tests are all normal. She is healed! God is really Great! Thank you Fr. Suarez for being an instrument of this healing process…. "

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