Sunday, September 9, 2012

Testimonial: Regina DC, Washington - breast cancer

DC, Washington
March 25th, 2012

"I attended Fr Suarez' healing mass in Washington DC last March 1,2012. I am a registered nurse recently diagnosed with breast CA. During my first course of chemo last February 27,2012 my oncologist told me that they saw something on my neck and spine as per PET scan.So they want to investigate further and ordered a spine MRI and neck CT with contrast the next week.The news was devastating for me and my husband.Three days later, we attended Fr Suarez' healing mass at The Shrine of the most Blessed Sacrament.I sincerely believe that God, thru Fr Suarez has healed me. That Fr Suarez has perfumed a wonderful miracle!When the result of the neck CT and spine MRI came, my oncologists were baffled.They did not see any mets.Praise be to God!I do believe that it is a miracle!Thank you Fr Suarez from the bottom of my heart for bestowing on me such a wonderful miracle of healing!Praise be to God forevermore!! "

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