Saturday, September 8, 2012

Testimonial: susan, pampanga - cataract

pampanga, city of san fernando
August 4th, 2010

"Susan, August 1, 2010, around 12 nn, Monte Maria, Brgy. Amuyong, Alfonso Cavite, Philippines Dear Father Fernando, My sister and I went to Monte Maria to attend Sunday Mass at the healing services with you. I have been bothered by a white spot on my left eye for over a year. The doctor suggested that i have it removed by laser because it may cover the pupil in my eye. I suppose it's an early stage of cataract. After the Mass, I lined up for the healing services. You blessed me and touched my forehead,then I asked you to pray for my left eye since there is a white spot that may cover my pupil. You covered my left eye with your hand and prayed for me. Suddenly my eye seemed clear. On the bus going home, my sister asked me to see my eye as it looked ok. When I looked at the mirror, I praised God and thank Him for the miracle because my eye was cleared of the white spot and I was healed by GOD, thru Fr. Fernando. I am very thankful to the Lord Almighty for healing me and also to you, Fr. Fernando who is indeed used by God as instrument in showing His love for us. God bless you, Fr. Fernando!"

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