Sunday, September 30, 2012

Testimonial - no more pain

jose nelson Pangilinan
Arizona, Chandler
May 13th, 2012

"The Holy Spirit is with me and I was healed ... my personal testimony... Last Fr...iday.susan and I went to father Suarez healing mass to pray for my sickness( cfs/fibromyalgia).for the last 2 yrs i been very weak and my body is shaking all the time. at the mass i started praying to our lord and went to the altar to be bless by the priest. When he touch me in the forehead i felt the most relaxing feeling and fell down in the i woke up laying in the church floor i still remember my sincere prayer for the Lord to heal 2 days after... i feel no pain,no tiredness, no shaking in my body.. Thank you Jesus for i was healed !!!See More By: Jose 'jonel' Nelson Pangilinan this happened @ ALL SAINTS CHURCH in Mesa Arizona, USA. friday 11,2012 @ 700 pm Healing mass"

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