Monday, September 10, 2012

Testimonial: J.A.B Arizona - speech impaired

San Tan Valley, San Tan Valley
June 26th, 2012

"My family and I attended the Healing Mass w/ Father Suarez on 05/11/12. As I approached Father I had my 3 year old son Tarin in my arms, as Father put his hands on my son and I, my knees became weak and tingly and I said "Please God let me hear my little boys voice" (My son is speech impaired, he does not say sentences, the only clear word that he says is Momma) After, as we approached our seats I asked my son Tarin to come sit down with me and VERY , VERY clearly he said "Im coming back now", he said it in the sweetest little boys voice Ive never heard. We were all shocked and confused, just looking at one another, my 5 year old also heard him. I told my family that this was the prayer I had asked for just moments before. Since then his sentences are no longer clear but he has since then added 10-15 words to his vocabulary. I finally got to hear his sweet voice. Absolutely Amazing!"

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